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My Trip to Santa Fe

Let me start off my story by confessing. When I think of New Mexico, I think of a dry and abandoned state. I think of one consistent season, summer.

Over spring break, my family and I piled into a car and went road trippin’. When I say my family I’m referring to my mom, dad, dog, suitcases, and headphones. On our way to our destination I got to stop by my favorite Route 66 landmark, The Jackrabbit. The Jackrabbit is a small spot in Joseph City, Arizona. Don’t get me wrong, just because it’s small doesn’t mean that it isn’t delightful. The Jackrabbit is defined by a billboard saying, “Here It Is.” It is a quaint and cozy store next to a photo opportunity, aka the jackrabbit. I’ve been taking pictures on it since I could walk. As I grow, it seems to shrink in size but never in memory.

Anyway, once we were back on the road I was able to enjoy the comfort of staring out the window and blasting music into my brain with the help of earphones. I have to say when I was younger I was a tad restless, but now I find it extremely soothing. I love to be on the open road. As we started to approach New Mexico, I noted the temperature slowly dropping. It wasn’t a significant change, but it was enough to catch my eye. When we entered Albuquerque I noticed that it was well populated and wasn’t the slightest bit abandoned. In all honesty, a few miles into Albuquerque I fell asleep.

When I woke up, we were on the outskirts of Santa Fe. I immediately recognized a drive-thru Panera. Now, this may not be a big deal to most people, but I love to know that there is something familiar in a brand new unknown. Anyway, when we arrived to the Double Tree Hotel I was in awe of it’s elegance and simplicity. Although this vibe was pretty much spread through all of Santa Fe. Santa Fe was so laid back and relaxed. There didn’t seem to be one person rushing or frustrated and in a hurry.

As we walked through the town square, it seemed like a place created for a TV show. It was so charming and unique. Even though that can be said for many locations, Santa Fe is a breath of fresh air, literally! Fun fact: Sante Fe is among the top ten cities with the best air!

There are so many things to do in Sante Fe. My mom and I got to have a private skateboarding lesson in Skate School. We walked into a room filled with vintage photos of skateboarders. I looked at my mom and without speaking I threw her a puzzled look. I had no clue where we would actually skate. As my thought bubble popped, we were guided through a door in a corner of the room and found ourselves in this huge indoor skate park. When I say skate park, I mean skate ramps, couches, and well placed graffiti. It could also be named as the ultimate hang out. Anyway, I was shocked that I went from a normal room to a huge indoor space with high ceilings. The lesson was a blast and I can truthfully say that I walked away having learned a couple techniques.

I feel blessed to have been able to be exposed to this wonderful destination with beautiful architecture. Let me end my story by saying that I was completely wrong about Sante Fe. I’m impressed and taken aback by it’s beauty.