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Lyfe Kitchen Opens 4th California Location

Display of healthful and delicious beverages at the opening of LYFE Kitchen in Valencia, California.


If you don’t already know what Lyfe Kitchen is, it is a FABULOUS restaurant promoting a healthy and delicious lifestyle. It started out with some former McDonalds executives deciding to take a fine dining approach to the fast casual food space. They went from fast food to fantastically fit food. The menu items are full of flavor, but keep calorie counts low. They already have restaurants in California, New York, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, and Texas. I just visited the newest restaurant in Valencia, California. You can stop there the next time you go to Magic Mountain!

Anyway, I am actually amazed at the quality of the food. Lyfe Kitchen has something for everyone, from vegans and vegetarians to carnivores. If you have never been to Lyfe Kitchen, then I recommend the fish tacos and their new orange pomegranate lemonade. They cook their food without microwaves. Yes, you heard that right. They DO NOT use microwaves. Places like Lyfe encourage fitness and it is a proven fact that eating healthier improves your mood. So if you’re not loving life, maybe you should try LYFE! I bet you’ll feel better afterwards. I know I always do.


DAY 44 Weight Loss Journal

Without much trouble, I’ve convinced the clan to go for a walk. We’ll log about 7 miles round trip (not sure I made that clear). We’ll hit LYFE Kitchen for lunch and then head in to Whole Foods to show off the wine bar!


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