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Style Fashion Week LA


Lizzie K on the Red Carpet at Style Fashion Week LA.

Lizzy K on the Red Carpet at Style Fashion Week LA.

Thursday night was smoking (see the section around 1:47) at The Reef in downtown Los Angles. We headed inside to our spot on the Media risers to view the hot line up for Style Fashion Week. Not only did we get an eyeful of fashion, but America’s Next Top Model contenders Shei, Will & Adam were walking for Control Sector!

YouTuber Arden Rose was in the crowd to see J & J and Lizzy K. got in a brief chat. She’s so pretty and was rocking a short black dress with flounces and flair, paired with understated nude heels and fabulous matching bag. She’s nice, too! We tried to take a snap for you, but our phones where full from all the fashion! We didn’t even get to shoot all of the sizzling styles we saw! Check the blog for more from EncinoMom & Lizzie’s Tween Beat, coming soon.

This was Lizzy’s first live runway experience. After a full day of school and a shoot of back to back episodes of EncinoMom Unboxed, she kicked it into high gear with soft black suede heeled booties, a sleeveless black dress with a long heathered sweater and lime green bag for a pop of color. The whole look was picked out and paid for out of Lizzie’s allowance! Pretty impressive. The Media access pass was added at the show. ūüėČ

We both loved the tall cut out boots in the Kaye Morales show. The masked models were very editorial as they often say on Project Runway. The two piece lace dress from I AM ZOE caught my eye, too. See more fashion in the video.



Style Fashion Week LA.

On the runway for Signature Young at Style Fashion Week LA.

Masked walkers on the runway for Kaye Morales.

On the runway at #StyleFWLA from designer Kaye Morales

America's Next Top Model Contestants Will & Adam pose for a snap with Lizzie K.

Will & Adam from America’s Next Top Model pose with Lizzy K at Style Fashion Week LA.

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Video produced by Lisa Keating & Lizzy K with our iPhones and YouTube Editor. lol

LA Opera Camp 2k14

LA Opera Camp The White Bird of Poston

Hearing the idea of going to an Opera Camp near the end of summer was surprising. I had never been to any sort of summer camp before and I had never really thought of Opera as something I was interested in. I just did not want to go, but my mom convinced me to try it.  On the first day of Opera Camp I was extremely intimidated by the amount of talent that was in my presence. I really started to appreciate this amazing experience that I had been blessed to be a part of.

As the week progressed, I went from being hesitant to feeling like I had found something that I was happy to do. Before this, I never really tried any sports or activities. I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone and the outcome was phenomenal. The Opera Camp system was very clean and organized. Everyone did such a terrific job putting a beautiful Opera on in two weeks! It was a wonderful experience that I will never forget and I’m so glad that I took part in it.


MatchCut Review

I have been recently introduced to a new video editing app. It is extremely easy to use, fun, and effective. You don’t have to do any work. All you need to do is select a couple of videos from your Camera Roll, pick a sound effect, and then MatchCut edits together the videos and replaces the sound from the videos with cute and playful sound effects of your choice.

This is definitely a unique app that is the perfect choice for posting a birthday video for your bestie. It can be difficult finding an app that does what you want it to. As holidays¬†come up, you can show your love by combining videos of you and your dad for Father’s Day or you and your new puppy for your family that lives out of town. You will totally be seeing tons of these MatchCut videos on my page. Here’s one I made for my Mom:

Summer Must Haves

I love Summer so much, I decided to show you guys some must haves that I adore.

  1. sunscreen: I have spray on SPF 50 from Banana Boat and a cute, little glue-stick looking facial sunscreen also from Banana Boat. If I’m going out I throw it on under my light makeup and it works throughout the day. Its my new bestie. I purchased mine from Big Lots for $3.
  2. baby lips: It is extremely important to stay moisturized during this dry and hot season. Baby Lips and EOS are my FAVORITE lip moisturizers!! However, Baby Lips comes out on top because of its quantity and quality. You can purchase Baby Lips from your nearest drugstore.
  3. BB cream : Oh my goodness! Maybelline’s bb cream is the holy grail of makeup! It is perfect for the summer time. It is extremely light with the same amount of coverage as a heavy liquid foundation. It is my go-to summer makeup.

A Trip To Crystal Cove

Cottages at Crystal Cove, in New

Crystal Cove in itself is an amazing escape from reality. Bringing you into Crystal Cove is a shuttle playing tropical music and setting the tone for a peaceful getaway. If you are more of an athletic type of person then I suggest walking along the trail to the beach. The trail is about a 10 minute stroll that takes you from the parking lot to paradise. Along the way you are in the middle of nature and sweet smelling flowers as well as an Earth Day art tunnel. This tunnel is decorated with beautiful and unique paintings about eco-friendly choices. Of course it’s always fun to make the tunnel echo with music of your voice as well.

Macro photo of beignets at The Beachcomber Restaurant. Photo by Lisette Keating.

So cool! My picture won, Newport Beach Restaurant Week’s photo of the week!!!


Being a Sims Addict I can confirm that this vacation feels like something plucked from the Island Paradise expansion pack. Not only does it consist of a beautiful vista and comfy rentable cottages, but it has an exquisite restaurant all on the beach! The Beachcomber located on the premises delivers a fun and delicious mood. The service is quite nice and the servers go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. The food however, is‚Ķ OFF THE CHARTS AMAZZZING!! The food is light but filling and a nice walk on the beach after is truly the icing on the cake. Having tried a Mussel for the first time I have to say that I am glad I came to the Beachcomber who set the bar pretty high. The Tuna Burger is another hit. Im a big time meat lover, but whoever substituted Ahi Tuna for hamburger meat is a GENIUS! The Beignets are small in size, but deliver major satisfaction. There is really no negative feedback to give. I mean I try, trust me, I would love to be Simon Cowell, but it’s pretty impossible. On the next sunny day, come on down to Crystal Cove. I’ll see ya on the sand.