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LA Opera Camp 2k14

LA Opera Camp The White Bird of Poston

Hearing the idea of going to an Opera Camp near the end of summer was surprising. I had never been to any sort of summer camp before and I had never really thought of Opera as something I was interested in. I just did not want to go, but my mom convinced me to try it.  On the first day of Opera Camp I was extremely intimidated by the amount of talent that was in my presence. I really started to appreciate this amazing experience that I had been blessed to be a part of.

As the week progressed, I went from being hesitant to feeling like I had found something that I was happy to do. Before this, I never really tried any sports or activities. I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone and the outcome was phenomenal. The Opera Camp system was very clean and organized. Everyone did such a terrific job putting a beautiful Opera on in two weeks! It was a wonderful experience that I will never forget and I’m so glad that I took part in it.