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DAY 57 Weight Loss Journal

So we adopted the tiniest little puppy (he’ll be 8 weeks old in a couple of days) from the Best Friends shelter in Mission Hills, California. They have a No Kill policy and are striving to make all of Los Angeles No Kill as well. When they rescue an animal, they commit to the animal for life. We had a fantastic experience there! Special thanks to Heather who introduced us to the puppies!

We were hoping to adopt one of about 10 breeds that get along well with cats. I was thinking an animal about a year old would be a good addition to the family, but my daughter really wanted a puppy. Fortunately, my husband was flexible! We all fell in love with a tiny King Charles Cavalier Spaniel (great with cats) / Jack Russell Terrier (not so much) mix. I’m currently more focused on what the dog eats than my own food. That may be a good thing!



lol Maybe I’m not as far off as I thought! Check out this article from Cesar Milan (The Dog Whisperer):