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SSOTD stands for Snapchat Story Of The Day. If you don’t know what a snapchat story, it is a series of photos you upload that can only be seen for 24 hours. Uploading them to WordPress completely defies the purpose but who cares. (Turning your computer, head or phone may be required for the following images.)







As you can see my day involved selling glasses and plates in my front yard, going to Office Depot, and me showing off my nails bought at CVS. When I woke up at 11:30 am my mom rushed me out to the rain to help manage the Garage Sale that included receiving five dollars in quarters from an old lady down the street. Sitting outside taking photos became tiring to the point of deciding to completely rearrange the furniture in our living room. We then set off in the rain with my best friend (aka my dog) to go to Office Depot and Panera. Walking in the rain carrying boxes, food, and a leash was not pleasant but made the food much more pleasurable. After I stuffed my face hole with a delicious panini, I put on my onesie and took a mirror selfie.

Rainy Day Garage Sale

Sometimes makes mistakes, what can I say? Once you list your yard sale on Craig’s List you are committed. Early birds will knock on your door to see if the sale was moved inside. There’s no use in fighting, so here I sit in the driveway under an umbrella waiting for the next hard core garage sale shopper. Honestly, I’m so grateful for the steady drizzle, I’m perfectly happy in spite of the inconvenience. I may change my mind though, if someone comes along and buys my seat! lol

DAY 40 Weight Loss Journal

Saturday morning at the garage sale. Things continue to go well. I’ve lost a total of 10 pounds and a night’s sleep. Okay, maybe not a whole night, but it feels like it with all of the extra hours we’ve been putting into EncinoMom.

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