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A Trip Behind The Walls

Black BOOOTIESAs a little girl, I loved Disney. I breathed cotton candy and worshipped the happiest place on Earth. Going to DisneyLand required the passing of the mysterious Citadel. Passing the Citadel time and time again made me grow quite familiar with these large walls protecting the Citadel .  This made me EXTREMELY curious what exactly the Citadel was.

Years later my mom gave me an offer to see behind the walls, so OF COURSE I accepted her intriguing invitation. Finally being able to enter through the opening in the walls and see what they held was a pretty crazy experience. I was almost overwhelmed with the amount of heaven clothes, (heaven clothes: my word phrase used to describe clothes that I love). The first stores I spotted were already my favorites, H & M, Pac Sun, Charlotte Russe, and MaidenForm. They were the first stops.

Thanks to Citadel I was able to find amazing clothes for even more amazing prices. I was happy to receive a new pair of boots, a cute yellow purse, and a bun donut from H & M! photo 2 The black boots are my new first choice for going out. You can tell from the photo I have been wearing them quite frequently lately. The heel is the perfect size and isn’t too obnoxious. These boots go perfectly with my gorgeous and very black dress from TJ Maxx. My new fluorescent lime colored over the shoulder purse is a great addition to my closet as well. I am so happy with my bold and bright choice. photo 3-2

In addition to visiting H & M, I visited Pac Sun, Charlotte Russe, Maiden Form, and Kate Spade. Lucky for me there was a huge sale at Pac Sun where not only did I buy a present for my friend, but I was able to get cute black and green high wasted shorts along with an indian print mint cropped sweat shirt. I got a cropped turtle neck tank from Charlotte Russe and a cutttteeeeeeeee polka dotted t-shirt bra from MaidenForm. I also stopped in Kate Spade and explored their idea of high fashion. Their new summer collection is to melt for. They have adorable mini popsicle bags and much more. I had a blast window-shopping for a hundred dollar bags.

Overall, the Citadel is a perfect way to enjoy a summer day with your besties, shopping til you drop.. and then grabbing a quick Jamba Juice pick me up. This has been an amazing experience that I won’t be forgetting any time soon. The Citadel is truly a hidden treasure. It was nice having a peak behind the walls.