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Yosemite Reopens!

After a brief closure of Yosemite Valley and other parts of the park due to a fire in the region, Yosemite National Park is pleased to announce its reopening! The Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias, just three miles from Tenaya Lodge, will open to visitors on Monday, August 13. Yosemite Valley will reopen to visitors with limited services on Tuesday, August 14.

The iconic landmarks and incredible sights of Yosemite National Park are ready to welcome you back. With fewer crowds and stunning views, now is the perfect time to visit Yosemite!

Enjoy this video from our visit a couple of summers ago!


Shade Hotel Redondo Beach


Luxury Boutique Hotel Partners with Local Children’s Charity for Gift Donations and Offers Special Room Rates for the Holiday Season


Redondo Beach, Calif.  (November 10, 2017) – During the holidays, treat your in-laws, parents or yourself to a blissful Southern California coastal experience. Shade, the waterfront luxury boutique hotel in Redondo Beach, serves as the perfect seaside destination for family and friends visiting from out of town and looking for a respite from cold temperatures, or locals craving a waterfront escape this holiday season.

Holiday Rates RB 2.jpg

Their special Holiday Package is available from December 20th to December 28th with rates starting at an exclusive low price of $269 per night* with a 2-night minimum stay and will include a gourmet hot chocolate kit, in-room mini Christmas tree, and complimentary gift wrapping.

Adding to the merry cheer, starting November 13th, Shade Hotel Redondo Beach is partnering with local South Bay non-profit, Cheer for Children and providing a “gift drop off” box for toy donations for nearby families and children in need.

Located just six and a half miles from LAX, Shade Hotel Redondo Beach is a sanctuary for Los Angeles residents and visitors from around the globe.

Shade Hotel is located at 655 N. Harbor Drive, Redondo Beach, CA 90277. For more information or to make reservations, please call 310-921-8940 or visit

*Rates subject to availability.


About Shade Hotel Redondo Beach

Shade Hotel, the waterfront luxury boutique hotel on the forefront of the Redondo Beach Waterfront Revitalization Project, is in the vibrant coastal community of Redondo Beach and serves as the premier destination for guests in search of the quintessential Southern California experience. Located just 7 miles south of LAX, the property features a serene, contemporary setting enhanced with natural elements of sand and stone, calming color palettes of blues and greens, and a living succulent wall. The property offers 54 luxurious rooms with picturesque views of the marina and opulent amenities such as Tempur-Pedic beds and Chromotherapy lighting. For meetings, sophisticated boardrooms are available and are equipped with built-in state-of-the-art technology and open-air patios. The rooftop Skydeck offers a private pool and bar, and stunning views of the ocean and horizon. Adjacent to the main hotel building is a 9,034-square foot fully-dedicated event building with expansive indoor/outdoor space for weddings and events and houses the notable waterfront dining destination, Sea-Level Restaurant and Lounge. Shade Hotel is an ideal location for luxurious seaside getaways, dream beach weddings, business meetings or special occasions.

I’m Fundraising And You Can, Too!

Send Lisette to NYC for dance classes on Crowdrise

lisetteCheck out my Crowdrise fundraising page. I’m raising money to help pay for a trip to New York City with other dancers from my high school here in New Mexico. I’ve never been to New York, but am so excited for the opportunity to take professional dance classes and find out if I have what it takes to follow my dreams.

Not only have I already raised 8% of my goal (in less than 24 hours), but I wanted to share this in case you have cause of your own that needs funding! My mom set this up for me, mostly because I’ve been babysitting and doing other things to raise money for my trip, like caroling at the mall and washing cars with the other dancers!

Anyway, Crowdrise is easy to use and we picked it because it has the fewest restrictions and fees. Since today is #GivingTuesday, I thought it would be a good time to share this with you. Take a look at my campaign if you need some inspiration.

Huge thank you to Crowdrise and everyone who has shared, liked, and or contributed to my cause – it all helps. I’m getting teary thinking about the outpouring of support. #FeelingLoved


That’s me on the left, warming up before ballet with my BFF Sophia. 🙂

Santa Fe Street Fashion Week

Executive Director of Santa Fe Street Fashion Week, Amy Shea calls for a celebration of high fashion in Santa Fe right alongside the fine art collections displayed on world famous Canyon Road. Poised atop Alexander McQueen heels – purchased in art Mecca, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Shea shared her love of and respect for fashion as a form of art as well as personal expression at this first ever Santa Fe Street Fashion Show.

Here are our live shots from the press box via iPhone.

The packed house at Santa Fe Street Fashion Show.

The well heeled crowd awaits the start of the show.

Santa Fe Street Fashion Week

An amuse yeux, couture gowns from Lily of the West, before our host Amy Shea takes the stage.

Those Boots (from Back at the Ranch)!

Lars Anderson with Patina Jewelry.

My must have coat for Fall.

Black and white coat at Santa Fe Street Fashion Show.

Select pieces from Santa Fe Dry Goods and Cicada Collection.

Santa Fe Street Fashion ShowSanta Fe Street Fashion Show

Eyewear by Ojo Optique.

Santa Fe Street Fashion Show

Santa Fe Street Fashion Show

United Nude shoes from Golfer Shoes in Santa Fe.

Santa Fe Street Fashion Show

Couture pieces by Orlando Dugi exhibiting Egyptian flair, seemingly sprinkled with diamond dust. Santa Fe Street Fashion Show  Santa Fe Street Fashion Show  Santa Fe Street Fashion Show
Santa Fe Street Fashion Show  Santa Fe Street Fashion Show
Santa Fe Street Fashion Show

The evening concluded with a couture collection from Renato Dicent. The flow and subtle color of the final piece was delicious!

Santa Fe Street Fashion Show  Santa Fe Street Fashion Show
Santa Fe Street Fashion Show  Santa Fe Street Fashion Show
Santa Fe Street Fashion Show  Santa Fe Street Fashion Show
Spotted in the crowd? New Mexico Fashion Blogger, Jamie Lewinger of sporting gold Louboutin heels, LaCroix earrings with a red gown – stunning. (Look for her in the front row.)

Santa Fe Street Fashion Show

Amy Shea and Renato Dicent take a bow! A great night for Santa Fe fashion on the roof of the La Fonda Hotel.

My Trip to Santa Fe

Let me start off my story by confessing. When I think of New Mexico, I think of a dry and abandoned state. I think of one consistent season, summer.

Over spring break, my family and I piled into a car and went road trippin’. When I say my family I’m referring to my mom, dad, dog, suitcases, and headphones. On our way to our destination I got to stop by my favorite Route 66 landmark, The Jackrabbit. The Jackrabbit is a small spot in Joseph City, Arizona. Don’t get me wrong, just because it’s small doesn’t mean that it isn’t delightful. The Jackrabbit is defined by a billboard saying, “Here It Is.” It is a quaint and cozy store next to a photo opportunity, aka the jackrabbit. I’ve been taking pictures on it since I could walk. As I grow, it seems to shrink in size but never in memory.

Anyway, once we were back on the road I was able to enjoy the comfort of staring out the window and blasting music into my brain with the help of earphones. I have to say when I was younger I was a tad restless, but now I find it extremely soothing. I love to be on the open road. As we started to approach New Mexico, I noted the temperature slowly dropping. It wasn’t a significant change, but it was enough to catch my eye. When we entered Albuquerque I noticed that it was well populated and wasn’t the slightest bit abandoned. In all honesty, a few miles into Albuquerque I fell asleep.

When I woke up, we were on the outskirts of Santa Fe. I immediately recognized a drive-thru Panera. Now, this may not be a big deal to most people, but I love to know that there is something familiar in a brand new unknown. Anyway, when we arrived to the Double Tree Hotel I was in awe of it’s elegance and simplicity. Although this vibe was pretty much spread through all of Santa Fe. Santa Fe was so laid back and relaxed. There didn’t seem to be one person rushing or frustrated and in a hurry.

As we walked through the town square, it seemed like a place created for a TV show. It was so charming and unique. Even though that can be said for many locations, Santa Fe is a breath of fresh air, literally! Fun fact: Sante Fe is among the top ten cities with the best air!

There are so many things to do in Sante Fe. My mom and I got to have a private skateboarding lesson in Skate School. We walked into a room filled with vintage photos of skateboarders. I looked at my mom and without speaking I threw her a puzzled look. I had no clue where we would actually skate. As my thought bubble popped, we were guided through a door in a corner of the room and found ourselves in this huge indoor skate park. When I say skate park, I mean skate ramps, couches, and well placed graffiti. It could also be named as the ultimate hang out. Anyway, I was shocked that I went from a normal room to a huge indoor space with high ceilings. The lesson was a blast and I can truthfully say that I walked away having learned a couple techniques.

I feel blessed to have been able to be exposed to this wonderful destination with beautiful architecture. Let me end my story by saying that I was completely wrong about Sante Fe. I’m impressed and taken aback by it’s beauty.



Today I went to Knotts Berry Farm with my dad and some family friends. We had such a great time. Unfortunately, we had to leave early due to prior commitments. Anyway, I had never been to Knotts before. The first ride we went on was called Silver Bullet. It is a fairly fast paced ride. It is extremely smooth so it doesn’t cause your head to jolt back and forth. (Turning your computer, phone, or head may be required to view the following images.)

After Silver Bullet, we went on a few other rides including Xcelerator and and Montezooma’s Revenge. Both rides were extremely exhilarating. Xcelerator shoots you from 0 to 82 mph in the matter of about 2 seconds. It is a short but super fast ride. You go straight up into the air and then straight down. Montezooma’s Revenge was like a roller coaster version of the dragon ride at the pier. It shoots you off just to fall backwards into two loops. Knotts Berry Farm is a great amusement park for the whole family. It has roller coasters for the adrenaline junkies, small rides for younger kids, and slowly-paced rides for the more calm family members. In all, head over to Knotts Berry Farm for a smile-filled day.


SSOTW means Snapchat Story Of The Weekend. Since I was MIA, due to the lack of service, I decided to summarize my weekend using a snapchat story. Over the weekend my dad and I went on a mini road trip to my Grandma’s cabin in Pinecrest.









It’s safe to say we had a blast! At seven in the morning on Saturday we stuffed all of our stuff and our dog into the car and began our trip. We had some heavy duty fog which was way more fun for the passenger than the driver. However, we got through it and took a different route which was a SUPER shortcut through the middle of nowhere. It was extremely beautiful as you can see in my photo captioned “no filter.” This road was 100 miles of that picture, clear skies, green grass, and cows. When we got there I snapped a picture of a few photos I came across of both my Grandpas. At about midnight I decided I wanted to rent a movie, so once again we piled in the car (with my dog in my arms) and headed over to Twain Harte where a little movie rental box sits outside the market. (Which is when I took the night picture asking where I was.) We rented 22 Jump Street and Single Moms Club. The next day we decided to check out the nearest mall which happened to be 100 miles away. The drive was once again breathtaking. I got a great picture of the creepy trees above our car. Then we came back to the cabin, cleaned it all up, stuffed everything into the car AGAIN, and by seven in the evening we were on our way home. We experienced more heavy duty fog which made the scenery look like it was the edge of the world. It was extremely difficult to capture the moment in a picture due to the lighting. Anyway we got home at one in the morning just in time for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Ai WeiWei Exhibit At Alcatraz

Here’s a sneak peek at our upcoming coverage of the Ai WeiWei Exhibit currently on display at Alcatraz. Plan ahead and book tickets up to 90 days in advance! Worth the trip to SF just to see this world class show, tickets from $30 for adults, ends in April. More details coming soon.

Close up of porcelain flowers installed in the Blossom portion of the Ai WeiWei Exhibit at Alcatraz.

The Locks Of Love

Close up of Love Locks in Paris, France. Copyright: <a href=''>netfalls / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

If you asked me what I thought the most romantic place in the world was, I would say France. I have an obsession with my idea of what France would be like. I think music consumes Paris, with melodies pouring off of all the streets. I imagine everywhere you walk, it would smell like bread baking in an oven. The people would sip and not slurp and sit politely in cafés and parks. There wouldn’t be one sad face. Everyone would help each other. The people on the streets would be begging for hope tokens instead of money. That is my idea of what France would be like. To top it all off, lovers would be everywhere. Every time a couple kissed in public, strangers would smile. Couples would be lined up along the Lover’s Bridge, (fences full of padlocks declaring couples’ fidelity towards one another) , locking their love onto a metal wall of faithfulness.

Most people, when writing bout the Lover’s Bridge, would tell the reader cold facts, but you can find those facts anywhere. If you are looking for facts like there are over 700,000 locks on the bridges of Paris, then please stop reading. I am not here to talk to you about stone cold facts, I am here to share the romantic qualities of the locks of love.

Something that I love about the locks on this bridge is the rawness of the locks. They aren’t carefully planned and thought out hallmark locks, they are locks with sharpie written on them, names and dates scratched into the surface of the locks with keys. I would imagine that if you just walked across the bridge you would feel the love that so many people felt passionately enough to lock onto a fence along with other people who probably felt the same passion too. When lovers add their love lock to the bridge, it waits there for their return. My hope is to someday lock my own love to the bridge and toss the keys into the Seine river like so many lovers who came before me and my future love.

A Day At Disney

A day at disney.