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Discovery Cube LA

Discovery Cube LA, Opens At Hansen Dam Recreation Area

At 9:30 am sharp, my family and I bunched into a car and ventured over to the new Discovery Cube in Sylmar, California. We just so happened to be invited to this glorious opening event, so we accepted the invitation. When someone says fun and science in the same sentence I usually zone out and pretend to listen because until now I thought it was literally impossible for science to be fun, (no offense period 1.)

I walked in and was immediately struck by my urge to run around and try everything out. Everything was extremely interactive which is something I deeply appreciate. You could make your own tornado, pull yourself up a rope SITTING DOWN, explore a safe and eco-friendly house, experience multiple simulators, and go in a wind tunnel or as I like to call it, a big hair dryer thing for your whole body.

Welcome to Discovery Cube LA. Photo by EncinoMom photographer, Warren KeatingThe brand new Discovery Cube in Sylmar is spotless. Photo by EncinoMom photographer, Warren Keating

The Discovery Cube is kind of like smart DisneyLand, same amount of fun, except you learn things other than how to avoid stroller wheel stubbed toes. It would be literally perfect for a field trip.

One of my favorite activities, aside from the mini market set up as a healthy eating game, was exploring an eco-friendly house. At the back of the Discovery Cube, you pick up iPads, that are used to ask question and track your answers about the home. The little house was adorably decorated just like a real living space. It had certain details in each part (garage, backyard, living room, etc) that were eco-friendly. You had to search through the house looking for clues to solve questions. But then again, I had a blast interacting with all the attractions. Overall, it was a great experience that I wouldn’t trade for a million dollars.

Shopping at the eco-market inside the Discovery Cube at Hansen Dam. Photo by EncinoMom photographer, Warren KeatingInside the wind tunnel. Photo by EncinoMom photographer, Warren Keating

Tip from Mom: The Discovery Cube is a great destination for the whole family, especially good for children from about 5 or 6 to 14 years old. We really enjoyed the 4D movie shown in the theatre (separate entry ticket required). Family passes are priced from $99 for the whole family for the whole year.

Hard Rock Weekend Breakfast Buffet

Chocolate smiley faces and gummy worm parfaits for kids at the Hard Rock, Universal City Walk.

If you’re headed to Universal Studios with the kiddos this summer here’s a little something to rock your Saturday morning. The Hard Rock opens early for themed breakfast buffet and kids activities like face painting, costumed characters, balloon animal artists and more. Check our events listings for upcoming themes & dates. If running in the restaurant and gummy worms are your idea of a perfect breakfast, you are good to go. There’s orange juice offered at the buffet, but the bar is open if you’d like something stronger than coffee. 😉