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Tarzana Tree Lighting

In front of Lyfe Kitchen, a crazy and exciting Christmas explosion is taking place. The NitroPod was spotted lurking at the site. If you aren’t aware of the NitroPod, it is an exclusive ice cream truck that has been scouted twice by our own Lizzy Kay and her accomplice MM. Tonight, thanks to the face painting booth, they go by Batman and Spider-Man. Thank you Tarzana for this joyous after school adventure.IMG_9751.JPG

Discovery Cube LA

Discovery Cube LA, Opens At Hansen Dam Recreation Area

At 9:30 am sharp, my family and I bunched into a car and ventured over to the new Discovery Cube in Sylmar, California. We just so happened to be invited to this glorious opening event, so we accepted the invitation. When someone says fun and science in the same sentence I usually zone out and pretend to listen because until now I thought it was literally impossible for science to be fun, (no offense period 1.)

I walked in and was immediately struck by my urge to run around and try everything out. Everything was extremely interactive which is something I deeply appreciate. You could make your own tornado, pull yourself up a rope SITTING DOWN, explore a safe and eco-friendly house, experience multiple simulators, and go in a wind tunnel or as I like to call it, a big hair dryer thing for your whole body.

Welcome to Discovery Cube LA. Photo by EncinoMom photographer, Warren KeatingThe brand new Discovery Cube in Sylmar is spotless. Photo by EncinoMom photographer, Warren Keating

The Discovery Cube is kind of like smart DisneyLand, same amount of fun, except you learn things other than how to avoid stroller wheel stubbed toes. It would be literally perfect for a field trip.

One of my favorite activities, aside from the mini market set up as a healthy eating game, was exploring an eco-friendly house. At the back of the Discovery Cube, you pick up iPads, that are used to ask question and track your answers about the home. The little house was adorably decorated just like a real living space. It had certain details in each part (garage, backyard, living room, etc) that were eco-friendly. You had to search through the house looking for clues to solve questions. But then again, I had a blast interacting with all the attractions. Overall, it was a great experience that I wouldn’t trade for a million dollars.

Shopping at the eco-market inside the Discovery Cube at Hansen Dam. Photo by EncinoMom photographer, Warren KeatingInside the wind tunnel. Photo by EncinoMom photographer, Warren Keating

Tip from Mom: The Discovery Cube is a great destination for the whole family, especially good for children from about 5 or 6 to 14 years old. We really enjoyed the 4D movie shown in the theatre (separate entry ticket required). Family passes are priced from $99 for the whole family for the whole year.

Ai WeiWei Exhibit At Alcatraz

Here’s a sneak peek at our upcoming coverage of the Ai WeiWei Exhibit currently on display at Alcatraz. Plan ahead and book tickets up to 90 days in advance! Worth the trip to SF just to see this world class show, tickets from $30 for adults, ends in April. More details coming soon.

Close up of porcelain flowers installed in the Blossom portion of the Ai WeiWei Exhibit at Alcatraz.

Style Fashion Week

On Thursday, October 16th, I attended Style Fashion Week. This was my very first Fashion Show, and it was absolutely amazing. The atmosphere was so professional and inspiring. Once I stepped inside the massive tent, I could immediately feel my posture improve. Thursday night, the shows were benefiting City Of Hope. The shows were Signature Young, Control Sector, I AM ZOE, Kaye Morales, Atiz, Judith & James, and Donna Mizani. I have to say my favorites were Control Sector, I AM ZOE, and Kaye Morales. With an iPhone at 17% and high heels from H&M, I was able to capture the flow and beauty of the articles of clothing.

America's Next Top Model Contestants Will & Adam pose for a snap with Lizzy K.

I have never sweated so much standing still. Since I am 13 years old, aside from taking photos and slo-mo video of the featured clothes, I was also scanning the room for celebrities. The first couple of moments into the Control Sector show, I recognized one of the models distinct hair styles, (half black, half white.) Then I recognized the model, it was Shei from ANTM!! I could barely control myself. I was literally watching my favorite model from my favorite show in a fashion show live and in person. I couldn’t believe it when TWO MORE models from my favorite show walked onto the runway. I was speechless and breathless. I felt extremely grateful that I was successful dragging my mom to a fashion show on a Thursday night.

The rest of the night, I was on cloud nine. I had witnessed three of my favorite people doing what they do best and I met Arden Rose! If you don’t already know, Arden Rose is a beauty guru and YouTube vlogger. I have probably seen every single one of her videos.

Anyways, besides being starstruck four times in one night, I found each designer irresistible. Each collection was extremely unique and powerful. I loved Kaye Morales because the message that I received was intense. I loved the usage of color, (bright red, black, and white.) Control Sector was another one of my favorites. It was very hip, stylish, and comfortable. I could see myself wearing their clothes, if I was in their targeted age group. I’m so glad that I was able to go to this exquisite and amazing fashion show. I have to say, modeling and designing clothes are starting to appeal to me a little bit more. I can’t wait ’til my next fashion show.


Lizzy K
P.S. That’s me in the picture with Will and Adam from America’s Next Top Model! I know, right!!??


That’s Shei from America’s Next Top Model!

Check out the video and more pics here: video & #stylefwla photos by me and my mom

Style Fashion Week LA


Lizzie K on the Red Carpet at Style Fashion Week LA.

Lizzy K on the Red Carpet at Style Fashion Week LA.

Thursday night was smoking (see the section around 1:47) at The Reef in downtown Los Angles. We headed inside to our spot on the Media risers to view the hot line up for Style Fashion Week. Not only did we get an eyeful of fashion, but America’s Next Top Model contenders Shei, Will & Adam were walking for Control Sector!

YouTuber Arden Rose was in the crowd to see J & J and Lizzy K. got in a brief chat. She’s so pretty and was rocking a short black dress with flounces and flair, paired with understated nude heels and fabulous matching bag. She’s nice, too! We tried to take a snap for you, but our phones where full from all the fashion! We didn’t even get to shoot all of the sizzling styles we saw! Check the blog for more from EncinoMom & Lizzie’s Tween Beat, coming soon.

This was Lizzy’s first live runway experience. After a full day of school and a shoot of back to back episodes of EncinoMom Unboxed, she kicked it into high gear with soft black suede heeled booties, a sleeveless black dress with a long heathered sweater and lime green bag for a pop of color. The whole look was picked out and paid for out of Lizzie’s allowance! Pretty impressive. The Media access pass was added at the show. 😉

We both loved the tall cut out boots in the Kaye Morales show. The masked models were very editorial as they often say on Project Runway. The two piece lace dress from I AM ZOE caught my eye, too. See more fashion in the video.



Style Fashion Week LA.

On the runway for Signature Young at Style Fashion Week LA.

Masked walkers on the runway for Kaye Morales.

On the runway at #StyleFWLA from designer Kaye Morales

America's Next Top Model Contestants Will & Adam pose for a snap with Lizzie K.

Will & Adam from America’s Next Top Model pose with Lizzy K at Style Fashion Week LA.

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Video produced by Lisa Keating & Lizzy K with our iPhones and YouTube Editor. lol

Lyfe Kitchen Opens 4th California Location

Display of healthful and delicious beverages at the opening of LYFE Kitchen in Valencia, California.


If you don’t already know what Lyfe Kitchen is, it is a FABULOUS restaurant promoting a healthy and delicious lifestyle. It started out with some former McDonalds executives deciding to take a fine dining approach to the fast casual food space. They went from fast food to fantastically fit food. The menu items are full of flavor, but keep calorie counts low. They already have restaurants in California, New York, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, and Texas. I just visited the newest restaurant in Valencia, California. You can stop there the next time you go to Magic Mountain!

Anyway, I am actually amazed at the quality of the food. Lyfe Kitchen has something for everyone, from vegans and vegetarians to carnivores. If you have never been to Lyfe Kitchen, then I recommend the fish tacos and their new orange pomegranate lemonade. They cook their food without microwaves. Yes, you heard that right. They DO NOT use microwaves. Places like Lyfe encourage fitness and it is a proven fact that eating healthier improves your mood. So if you’re not loving life, maybe you should try LYFE! I bet you’ll feel better afterwards. I know I always do.


The Taste LA

Attention Foodies! It’s on. Get to The Taste this weekend for some of the best eats in LA. Taste sweet and savory bites, sip brews, bubbly, spirits and pick up top tips from celebrity chefs. Stand outs from this afternoon are the Mona Slider from Pono, Vranken Pommery’s Sparkling Raspberry wine and savory fresh fruit from Freshology. Come hungry and prepared to party.

Chef C.J. Jacobson of Girasol in Studio City at The Taste. Photo by Lisa Keating for

Chef C.J. Jacobson, Girasol in Studio City, demonstrates the his penchant for foraged ingredients like Juniper and Blue Hyssop.

Photo of Pono's Mona Slider at 2014 The Taste, by Lisa Keating.

Oh, mercy! This little slider from Pono packed the flavor promised in this picture. Grass-fed beef, cheddar cheese and a Strawberry compote subbing (to great advantage) for ketchup, made this Mona Burger memorable!

Photo by Lisa Keating for the California Lifestyle magazine.

Green Tea Red Bean Korean Brioche from the Ensaymada Project were offered up alongside their super popular Red Velvet Brioche and Maple Bacon, too.

Chef Tal Ronnen of Crossroads Restaurant at the Taste. Photo by Lisa Keating.

Notable vegan Chef Tal Ronnen shares his recipe for Crab Cakes as served at Crossroads. Ronnen taps Garbonzo Beans and Hearts of Palm to step in for the traditional crabmeat.

Photo by Lisa Keating.

Something new from New Zealand.

Photo by Lisa Keating for the California Lifestyle magazine, EncinoMom.

The Paramount Lot serves as a perfect setting for LA foodies to get their Taste on.

A Trip Behind The Walls

Black BOOOTIESAs a little girl, I loved Disney. I breathed cotton candy and worshipped the happiest place on Earth. Going to DisneyLand required the passing of the mysterious Citadel. Passing the Citadel time and time again made me grow quite familiar with these large walls protecting the Citadel .  This made me EXTREMELY curious what exactly the Citadel was.

Years later my mom gave me an offer to see behind the walls, so OF COURSE I accepted her intriguing invitation. Finally being able to enter through the opening in the walls and see what they held was a pretty crazy experience. I was almost overwhelmed with the amount of heaven clothes, (heaven clothes: my word phrase used to describe clothes that I love). The first stores I spotted were already my favorites, H & M, Pac Sun, Charlotte Russe, and MaidenForm. They were the first stops.

Thanks to Citadel I was able to find amazing clothes for even more amazing prices. I was happy to receive a new pair of boots, a cute yellow purse, and a bun donut from H & M! photo 2 The black boots are my new first choice for going out. You can tell from the photo I have been wearing them quite frequently lately. The heel is the perfect size and isn’t too obnoxious. These boots go perfectly with my gorgeous and very black dress from TJ Maxx. My new fluorescent lime colored over the shoulder purse is a great addition to my closet as well. I am so happy with my bold and bright choice. photo 3-2

In addition to visiting H & M, I visited Pac Sun, Charlotte Russe, Maiden Form, and Kate Spade. Lucky for me there was a huge sale at Pac Sun where not only did I buy a present for my friend, but I was able to get cute black and green high wasted shorts along with an indian print mint cropped sweat shirt. I got a cropped turtle neck tank from Charlotte Russe and a cutttteeeeeeeee polka dotted t-shirt bra from MaidenForm. I also stopped in Kate Spade and explored their idea of high fashion. Their new summer collection is to melt for. They have adorable mini popsicle bags and much more. I had a blast window-shopping for a hundred dollar bags.

Overall, the Citadel is a perfect way to enjoy a summer day with your besties, shopping til you drop.. and then grabbing a quick Jamba Juice pick me up. This has been an amazing experience that I won’t be forgetting any time soon. The Citadel is truly a hidden treasure. It was nice having a peak behind the walls.

A Day At Disney

A day at disney.

A Trip To Crystal Cove

Cottages at Crystal Cove, in New

Crystal Cove in itself is an amazing escape from reality. Bringing you into Crystal Cove is a shuttle playing tropical music and setting the tone for a peaceful getaway. If you are more of an athletic type of person then I suggest walking along the trail to the beach. The trail is about a 10 minute stroll that takes you from the parking lot to paradise. Along the way you are in the middle of nature and sweet smelling flowers as well as an Earth Day art tunnel. This tunnel is decorated with beautiful and unique paintings about eco-friendly choices. Of course it’s always fun to make the tunnel echo with music of your voice as well.

Macro photo of beignets at The Beachcomber Restaurant. Photo by Lisette Keating.

So cool! My picture won, Newport Beach Restaurant Week’s photo of the week!!!


Being a Sims Addict I can confirm that this vacation feels like something plucked from the Island Paradise expansion pack. Not only does it consist of a beautiful vista and comfy rentable cottages, but it has an exquisite restaurant all on the beach! The Beachcomber located on the premises delivers a fun and delicious mood. The service is quite nice and the servers go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. The food however, is… OFF THE CHARTS AMAZZZING!! The food is light but filling and a nice walk on the beach after is truly the icing on the cake. Having tried a Mussel for the first time I have to say that I am glad I came to the Beachcomber who set the bar pretty high. The Tuna Burger is another hit. Im a big time meat lover, but whoever substituted Ahi Tuna for hamburger meat is a GENIUS! The Beignets are small in size, but deliver major satisfaction. There is really no negative feedback to give. I mean I try, trust me, I would love to be Simon Cowell, but it’s pretty impossible. On the next sunny day, come on down to Crystal Cove. I’ll see ya on the sand.