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Afternoon Neutrali-tea

Afternoon Neutrali-tea


Summer Favorites

As Summer ends, I want to share some of my favorite products and brands. Shout out to Lokai and IvoryElla for producing some of my favorite things in the entire world. If you don’t already know about these two fabulous brands, they are both online. When you make a purchase on Ivory Ella, a portion of the proceeds are donated to the foundation Save The Elephants, which is an organization that supports the environment in which Elephants live.I am obsessed with an app called Soundcloud. This app makes it easy to find amazing music for free! It is pretty obvious that I am in love and own a watermelon pillow from Brandy Melville, a tapestry, and a buddha statue. Shoutout to Birchbox for making me smile every month with new products that I try out all in one day. Okay well bye for now! 🙂

2015 LA Beach Cities Modern Home Tour – Ticket Giveaway

2015 LA Beach Cities Modern Home Tour – Ticket Giveaway2015 LA Beach Cities Modern Home Tour

Imagine spending this Saturday strolling through 6 private residences from Santa Monica to Manhattan Beach! The 2015 LA Beach Cities Modern Home Tour promises to ignite your imagination and excite your eyes with innovative architecture and fine, modern interiors. The tour is self paced, so you can linger, loll and dream or zoom through and spend the rest of the day at the beach. We are thrilled to have two tickets to giveaway to one lucky winner!

Tickets are $30 each in advance, $40 on the day of the event. Hurry, giveaway ends Thursday at midnight! You can enter here or click on a picture to go to our page on Giveaway Tools.


Get a breath of fresh air this Saturday on the 2015 LA Beach Cities Modern Home Tour. Stunning architecture and interior design in 6 private homes. You’ll receive the specific addresses and maps after purchasing (or winning) tickets!la20153

Dwell On Design At The LA Convention Center


Pre-Oscar Party

At Modani’s in West Hollywood, my guest and I enjoyed viewing the collection at their Pre Oscar bash. This giant, mirrored, sculptural, face chair was quite a show stopper. It’s like a huge mask with eyes, a prominent nose and mouth visible on the back. Definitely a conversation starter and a piece to be placed in the center of the room or near a window so it can be enjoyed from all sides. Surprisingly, it was pretty comfortable! Maybe something for my next house?

Lisa Keating celebrating the Oscars in the Modani showroom on Sunset Boulevard.

A variation is this white dome chair. Similar in scale, but could work well in numbers given the right space.

Modani Showroom Pre Oscar party 2015.

Check out the back of the chair reflected in the window behind me.


This modern chandelier with sleek, flame influenced glass fixtures caught my eye.


Here’s another view of the light fixture.


Some great pieces for your patio, deck or pool surround.


Love the round seating and the glowing globe accent light. Great for defining outdoor spaces and especially effective for parties that slip past sunset and last late into the night.


I adore these silver placements and festive orange dishes.


Tea & Tears

Tea & Tears: The Best Of Me Movie Screening Party


A movie date with good friends, good food, fun times and goodie bags! (The teenagers took their own pictures on their phones in the next room.)

The Best Of Me Blu-ray & DVD Box Art.

The Best Of Me – Tears Of Joy Edition

Okay, here’s what we did. We screened the *Tears of Joy Edition of The Best of Me here in the EncinoMom screening room on Sunday! Before the movie (which arrived with a box of Kleenex – I’m not kidding) we had some tasty samples lined up for our guests.

Exquisite cupcakes from SusieCakes.

Here’s a snap of the SusieCakes cupcakes before we even took them out of the box. The cake part was perfect – read – not a crumb left on anyone’s plate – and the frostings were swoon worthy. Sigh.

Ultimately, we decided to watch the theatrical release version of the movie because none of us would watch it if we saw the storybook “Tears Of Joy” ending first. So the Kleenex turned out to be a very good thing to have on hand in the studio!

When guests first arrived, everyone commented on how good it smelled. I credit the tea and the scented candles in the goodie bags, even though we hadn’t lit any of them, yet!

The tables were laid out with vintage tea cups and ladies’ luncheon plates. You can definitely tell the plates are authentic because there is an ashtray molded into each one, so ladies could smoke while enjoying their lunch. Seems outrageous, now, but I imagine these plates were used at fashionable gatherings where the women wore gloves and girdles.

Vintage tea cups laid out on a glass table.

Vintage tea cups and saucers with a teapot my daughter made at Color Me Mine when she was 3.

We sampled the new Kale Caesar Salad from the Corner Bakery, some Davidson’s Safest Choice Eggs (which I used to make egg salad sandos with cucumber) and then we tucked into some amazing cupcakes and treats from SusieCakes along with a limited edition tea from Teavana, created especially for Valentine’s Day.

Vintage glass luncheon plates.

The ashtray is in the lower right hand corner of the dish – the empty area next to the punch cup. Click to see the Kale Caesar (under 600 calories when paired with soup from The Corner Bakery’s 100 Combos Under 600 Calories Menu). The dressing is perfection.

First blush_1-3-15

The First Blush Tea from Teavana. The color and flavor of this tea are exquisitely subtle and lovely.

The First Blush Tea features naturally scented Jasmine green tea blended with floral orchid oolong complemented by luscious strawberries, crisp rhubarb and effervescent undertones of bubbly rosé. It arrived in a big box with surprises that we put into goody bags.

Perfect Teamaker from Teavana

Available at Teavana stores and online.

This tea smells amazing! It is lovely and subtle and beautiful, too.  We used the Perfectea maker pictured above. It’s so simple to use and ensures that your tea comes out just right. It’s especially helpful if you’re a lazy tea maker like me. I tend to leave tea to steep too long which results in bitterness that no amount of milk and sugar can remedy.


Here’s Teavana’s Perfectea Maker in action. So simple. Hot water goes in the top. Tea comes out the bottom.


So much to taste and talk about!

The tea also came with this Pairing Tip: blend iced First Blush Tea with a glass of champagne for a fun and easy to make Teavana cocktail.


Thanks to SusieCakes for the perfect assortment of sweets to go with our salty tears.

We knew just about everyone on the guest list would be down with that so we picked up our favorite Brut! This was a big hit and was the perfect complement to our menu. We added a few fresh raspberries and hibiscus flowers in rose syrup to the champagne/tea cocktail as a beautiful blushing garnish. The soft color of the tea makes this a perfect choice for Valentine’s Day. Surprisingly, we sweetened the tea slightly with a few crystals of Teavana’s Perfectea Rock Sugar for just the right blend of flavors in the champagne cocktail.


The egg salad sandwiches were light and mild and layered with leaf lettuce and Persian cucumbers for a new take on traditional crustless tea sandwiches.

So Sunday was like a mini restaurant tour and product Expo! We had a great time together which of course was the point of the whole thing and our guests were encouraged to take pictures and post to Instagram, Facebook or Tweet, Flip, Pin, Kick, etc. to share the fun.

In the EncinoMom Studio.

Here’s a shot of the movie in progress! You can click it to view the trailer.


One more beauty shot of the sweets.


You can have an event like this at home with your friends and we can help! We’ve got one copy of the *Tears of Joy Edition of The Best of Me on Blu-ray and DVD to giveaway. Follow the link to enter on Rafflecopter and don’t forget to leave us a comment!

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Vintage teacups in warm soapy water.

Parting shot. When all is said and done, a little hand washing allows for quiet reflection on the friends and festivities of the day. How sweet it is.


Yesterday, my mom and I hosted a tea party with the help of Susie Cakes, Teavanna, and Fox Home Entertainment, who provided pastries, tea, and the movie, The Best of Me. (Turning your computer, phone, or head may be required to view the following images.



Let me start by saying that Susie Cakes has THE BEST CUPCAKES. I cannot believe the flavors I put in my mouth all day. All the cupcakes had disappeared within two minutes of being on display. After we all sat around, eating mini sandwiches and sipping on tea, we went into our movie room, where we project movies onto the wall. Anyway, everyone had a blast and at the end of the day I went to pick up Christmas Lights from a house down the street about to be bulldozed. When I brought the lights home, I separated all of them into three strands. I plugged them in and to my surprise, each strand lit up! I took one strand into my room and hung it in between the grid and the mattress of my bunk bed. I have to say, I’m pretty proud of how great it looks. Alright well, see you tomorrow! Goodnight! ❤️👽


SSOTD stands for Snapchat Story Of The Day. If you don’t know what a snapchat story, it is a series of photos you upload that can only be seen for 24 hours. Uploading them to WordPress completely defies the purpose but who cares. (Turning your computer, head or phone may be required for the following images.)







As you can see my day involved selling glasses and plates in my front yard, going to Office Depot, and me showing off my nails bought at CVS. When I woke up at 11:30 am my mom rushed me out to the rain to help manage the Garage Sale that included receiving five dollars in quarters from an old lady down the street. Sitting outside taking photos became tiring to the point of deciding to completely rearrange the furniture in our living room. We then set off in the rain with my best friend (aka my dog) to go to Office Depot and Panera. Walking in the rain carrying boxes, food, and a leash was not pleasant but made the food much more pleasurable. After I stuffed my face hole with a delicious panini, I put on my onesie and took a mirror selfie.

DIY Supplies

Here’s a short list of our favorite DIY tools. With a glue gun, a staple gun, good scissors and sharpies on hand you are prepared for a slew of creative projects! These are the tools we turn to again and again. If you are the crafty type, you’ll want to invest in heavier duty models. These picks are perfect for dipping your toe in the water of DIY madness. They are good enough to render years of service and inexpensive enough to pass along if you find that you’re just not as crafty as you thought.

EncinoMom's favorite DIY Tools.

Shortlist of DIY Tools.

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How to Train your Dragon Party

Here’s a little inspiration for a dragon themed party.

Ai WeiWeis exuberant dragon dominates the former state penitentiary at Alcatraz.

Take inspiration from this massive dragon by Ai WeiWei. Click the picture to see our video and read more about this work of art!

Masterful dragon at the Ai WeiWei exhibit at Alcatraz.

Our dragon decoration for watching How To Train Your Dragon 2, from our friends at Dreamworks.

Whether you are planning to watch How To Train Your Dragon 2 and have a little watching party or you’re getting ready to celebrate Chinese New Year this is a great idea inspired by our trip to the Ai Wei Wei exhibit at Alcatraz Island. You could use construction paper and create a dragon using this idea or you could get those flat fans that they have at Asian markets, or use paper plates like we did here.


Dragons Defenders of Berk tattoos for design ideas.

Kids and adults alike will enjoy designing their own panels like Ai WeiWei did in the construction of the massive dragon currently on display in his four part exhibit. Once the panels are completed, string them together to assemble your own dragon. Hang from the ceiling as decoration for your movie night!. If you use fans you can even let everyone take theirs home after the movie as a party favor.

Here are a couple of tips to make sure your dragon looks fantastic: limit the colors available to your guests. We recommend 3 to 5 colors. That will help each panel relate to the others and keep your dragon looking pulled together. You might try black, white and red like these cool temporary tattoos from How To Train Your Dragon 2, or you could use all the colors for your guests, but insert a solid colored panel in red between each of your guest’s creations, so the piece hangs together.

Make the head first. Don’t be afraid to get creative and make plumes of fire and or smoke coming out of the mouth of the dragon. The head of the dragon will inspire your guests and help them get into the spirit of the whole project.

Don’t obsess over the hanging part (it will ruin your party and your own good mood). Hanging a dragon like the one in the Ai WeiWei exhibit is no small undertaking. It is carefully calibrated, balanced and meticulously hung. Don’t even try. You are in it for the fun and the whole thing is coming down before the night is over, so give yourself a break. It wasn’t easy to get our plates hanging in the same direction with extra effort for the camera.

Serve popcorn after the project is complete and play music while you work. We let people design whatever they wanted. We had tea for the adults (see my How To Train Your Dragon Mug? Thanks FHEI!) After the movie, we’re breaking out fortune cookies.

#HTTYD2 HDragonsInsiders

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How to Train Your Dragon 2

DreamWorks Dragons Flipeez Hat