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Wife Appreciation Day!

Yeah, I never heard of it either!

The Tuck Room, Wife Appreciation Day

Thanks to a press release from The Tuck Room Tavern, I’m now in the know, and so are you. Just forward this article to your hubby and hope for the best. Or, if you really want to be appreciated forward AND make a reservation at The Tuck Room Tavern for this Sunday, September 18th between 4 and 11 pm. You could even write a note for your husband to read aloud at the table that says, “I appreciated my wife.” Just make sure he reads it while the waiter is within earshot and you’ll be treated to a signature dessert and a glass of perfectly chilled Prosecco. More details below.

The Tuck Room Tavern Celebrates National Wife Appreciation Day on September 18
with Four Simple Words. Whisper “I Appreciate my Wife” to your Server and receive a complimentary Prosecco and Dessert by Chef Sherry Yard.

The Tuck Room, Wife Appreciation DayThe Tuck Room Tavern is a jovial neighborhood dining + drinking den serving craveable American fare and a touch of whimsy under the culinary direction of SVP of Culinary Brand Development Chef Sherry Yard.

Happy wife, happy life—so the saying goes.

All couples visiting The Tuck Room Tavern on Sunday, September 18, can enjoy this offer with the mention of four simple words. Whether you shout it from the rooftops or whisper it into her ear, just be sure that your server hears you say the magic words: “I appreciate my wife.” Those lucky wives will receive a decadent raspberry soufflé made by Chef Sherry Yard and a glass of Prosecco to enjoy on the house. If you’re lucky, she might even share a bite.

  • *One dessert per table. Must have dinner reservation for a minimum of 2 people. Minimum purchase of 2 entrées.
  • Wives can be showered with adoration from 4-11 p.m. on Sunday, September 18
  • The Tuck Room Tavern Westwood: 10850 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024.
  • (310) 307-7004

Hope to see you there being appreciated this weekend! Cheers 😉

The Tuck Room, Wife Appreciation Day

Sherry Yard’s The Tuck Room Tavern is now open in Westwood, California. Under the culinary direction of SVP of Culinary Brand Development and three-time James Beard Award winner chef Sherry Yard and Master Bartender and Advanced Sommelier Adam Seger, guests can enjoy an extensive menu and handcrafted cocktails that present a liquid love letter to Los Angeles. The Tuck Room Tavern is tucked away inside iPic Theaters, located at 10850 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90024. For reservations visit, or call: (310) 307-7004.



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I’m trying something new here, today. This is a blog link up. I saw so many great posts listed, I felt compelled to share them with you! If you blog, have you ever done this before? Did you make new friends, find great posts, blogs or ideas? I’d love to know! Anyway, have fun! You can see all of the posts by clicking the picture below and visiting the Link Up host. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this!

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This Is How We Roll Thursdays

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Last Pass And The Power Of Complaining To Your Friends About Stuff That You Wish Was Different

Last Pass Tool Bar Icon.I don’t know how you are at managing passwords, but I recently encountered a site that requires me to change my passwords every 90 days. Ugg! I try not to complain. I really do. If you read my blog or my magazine articles on, you know, I am decidedly committed to writing about the upside of life!

Well, I am human. No big surprise there. Recently, I was on the phone with my Master Mind group. Okay, maybe group is too strong a word. There are only two of us, but we have more ideas than an army of workers could ever implement, so we’re good for now.

Anyway, we were on our weekly call and I shared my frustration. Clever business owner that she is, Felicia told me about Last Pass. We didn’t spend a long time talking about it. All she said was, since she started using their free service, she has never looked back. She only has to remember ONE password and the site is safe and secure.

As soon as we wrapped up our call, or maybe even before we hung up, I was on the Last Pass site. Here’s a link for your convenience. I don’t know if they give you anything for telling people about them, but I consider it a public service! If they give me something, I’ll share it with Felicia!

I’ve been using the site for a couple of months and couldn’t be happier. By the way, Felicia helps families prepare a financial strategy to pay for college. Even if your kid gets a scholarship, did you know that there is an expected family contribution? Yeah, me either. Here’s a link to her site, too: College Funding Resource.

My startup screen this morning. This is not a joke!

My startup screen this morning. This is not a joke!

While I’m on the subject of complaining, here’s a screenshot a what I saw when I turned on my computer this morning. Just sayin’. May be time to upgrade my life a little.

If you’ve tried Last Pass and have comments, I’d love to know how your experience has been.

Happy Mother’s Day!


It’s a glorious morning! I just wanted to take a minute to share my appreciation for Moms everywhere today. 

While everyone may not be a Mother, certainly everyone has had a Mother. Regardless of the specific relationship you have with your own Mother, the qualities of unconditional love and nurturing are abundant and certainly worthy of at least one full day of celebration. 

So in the spirit of appreciation for this delicious energy I wish a Happy Mother’s Day to everyone today. If you don’t have a Mom to celebrate with, celebrate the quality of Motherhood inside of yourself and treat yourself with a little extra love and tenderness. 

xo Mom