About EncinoMom, Meet Lisa

About EncinoMom, Meet Lisa

EncinoMom.com is the California Lifestyle New Media Magazine made with you in mind.

You are on our BLOG site.

California Lifestyle Magazine, EncinoMom Editor, Lisa Keating

From the Editor’s Desk.

Hi! Welcome, welcome, welcome. My name is Lisa. I started EncinoMom as a personal blog. A voice in the void with a desire to connect with more than my own cyber echo. Since those early days on Blogger, EncinoMom has gained considerable momentum, evolving into an online magazine with a staff, a video production company and thousands of wonderful readers and viewers! We have hundreds of videos on our YouTube channel, and our content is syndicated on sites like Ventura Boulevard Magazine, BlogHer and more. Thank you for being a part of all the fun!

These days, I’m more involved in setting the tone and direction of the content we create, maintaining the integrity of the site, working with advertisers and of course I am still very active writing articles as well as speaking in public and appearing on camera.

People ask me, if/how we make money.

As a band of talented creatives, EncinoMom is supported by advertisers and sponsorships. Because we couldn’t do this without you, we are very selective when it comes to product recommendations. And we have strict advertising guidelines. In many cases, we have chosen affiliates and advertisers based on customer interactions that predate the internet! We turn away hundreds of products and services to bring you just the cream. When you visit a business that we’ve recommended, we expect you to be treated extremely well! When you make a purchase with our advertisers, you are supporting all of the attention we place on your best interest. Thank you for the trust you place in EncinoMom. I am honored to serve you.

What we need right now.

We are currently seeking a calendar sponsor to underwrite the manpower it takes to fuel a curated events calendar for you. (If you know someone who would be interested, we’d love to bring the calendar back!) With reviewers, photographers, writers and videographers working together to tell stories that uplift and entertain, we are passionate about delivering high quality content to you.

On EncinoMom’s blog site (you are here), you’ll find the Lizzy’s Teen Beat Blog, product giveaways and personal pics and posts. On the full site, you’ll see articles and video productions featuring our latest finds in fashion, food, photography, cultural events, home-making and trip taking. Sometimes we travel with the family in tow and sometimes it’s just the two of us. And then of course, there are those solo journeys inward that feed our souls and fuel our passions. Join us on our quest for all things bright and beautiful that embrace and enhance the California Lifestyle.

Even as a child, I realized that California is a state of mind as much as it is a state of the union. Blessed with some of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth, a sense of wonder and brightness of spirit, California is truly the Golden State. From the Redwood Forests to the Coastal Cliffs, from San Francisco, to Santa Cruz, from the Monterey Peninsula through San Simeon, San Louis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and San Diego, I am humbled with appreciation for California’s richness and history. And that’s just along the coast!

So sit back, relax and soak it all in before you embark on your very own California Adventure. We’ll be here to guide you along the way – whether your trip is virtual, actual or imported to wherever it is life finds you. With your comments and questions to light the way we can endeavor to enlighten one another as we step onto this path together. May sunshine fill you soul and illuminate you from the inside out, my dear fellow traveler. We are all so grateful that you stopped here along the way.



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