Happy Howlidays! What Will You Give YOUR Precious Pup?

Happy Howlidays!

Every year, there comes a time when you can choose to show your pet your appreciation for all the times they cuddle with you while binge watching Netflix. If dogs could talk, they would beg for Milk Bone’s treats like kids beg to open their gifts early. The great thing about these treats is that they clean your dogs teeth while providing a delicious snack for you furry friend. Check out this adorable website, TheNosePrint.com, from Big Heart Brands who really know how to celebrate the howlidays.

You can find doggy DIY’s at TheNosePrint.com. My favorite is the Bouquet. Tasty treats? Yup. Festive? Yup. It is the perfect stocking stuffer for you favorite pal. TheNosePrint.com asked 3,000 Americans if and how they chose to include their pets in holiday traditions. According to this national survey, these are the top five reasons why people give gifts to their dogs:

 1. To express love to my dog: 72%

 2. Because it’s fun for me: 60%

 3. To help my dog feel included like a family member: 54%

 4. To give my dog a moment of happiness: 53%

 5. To feel closer and bond with my dog: 43%

 This study also showed how often dogs are involved in common Christmas traditions:

1. 48% of dog parents hang a Christmas stocking for their dog.

2. 43% of dog parents include a dog in a photo for a family holiday card.

3. 32% post photos of their dog on social media with a holiday message.

4. 29% dress up their dog in a holiday-themed costume or outfit.

5. 22% make or buy dog-themed holiday decorations.

 For more doggy holiday projects, check out: http://thenoseprint.com/article/holidog-diy-5-diys-to-make-doggy-holidays-merry-and-bright

Top 10 States That Spend the Most on Holiday Gifts for Dogs:

  1. New Jersey: $29.61 (average gift spending per dog for state residents)

 2. New York: $28.95

 3. Pennsylvania: $28.75

 4. Utah: $27.75

 5. Georgia: $27.04

 6. California: $26.07

 7. Washington: $25.81

 8. Florida: $25.13

 9. Illinois: $24.98

 10. Virginia: $24.58

In reward for being a well behaved snuggly pooch, Toby received a care package full of delicious treats. It is currently awaiting him under the tree. Let’s just say, he is quite excited to get into his presents. Wishing you and your furry friends the Happiest of Howlidays from Toby and the rest of us at EncinoMom!

Special thanks to the folks at Milk-Bone for sending us these fabulous samples of indulgences for Toby to try.

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