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Get ready to ring in the holiday season as Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment celebrates the 25th anniversary of the biggest live-action comedy of all time with HOME ALONE: ULTIMATE COLLECTOR’S EDITION on Blu-ray and DVD October 6. This must have gift set features all five films packaged together for the first time in a collectible paint can full of limited edition movie memorabilia that will keep the whole family laughing including a McCallister Christmas ornament, Kevin’s battle plan for the Wet Bandits, his tarantula and a wanted poster of the thieves – Harry (Joe Pesci) and Marv (Daniel Stern) – and more.

Additionally, a gift set featuring HOME ALONE and HOME ALONE 2: LOST IN NEW YORK will be available exclusively at Target and features both films on Blu-ray along with a warm and wearable reproduction of Kevin’s famous winter knit hat from the films.

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Enjoy these exclusive printable activity sheets and start planning your very own holiday movie marathon! Can’t wait for our giveaway? Click here to purchase the collector’s edition or a copy of your favorite Home Alone movie using our Amazon Affiliate Link.


Here are some movie stills to remind you how much fun they are to watch. We all love Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) and his holiday adventures protecting the homestead while his family travels without him in the ultimate parental whoops! If you haven’t seen it already, it’s time! I’m looking forward to sharing the Home Alone collection with my family to kick off the holiday season with hot cocoa and a cookie baking session!




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  1. I am that parent who left a child behind. He was not my child but my son’s best friend. We were on a family vacation to Florida from New Hampshire and my son brought his best friend. Vacation was great and on the drive home I stopped for gas and the kids went in the store for food. When ee wrre done I looked in my mirror counted my 3 kids and off we went. It took my son about 5 minutes to ask where his friend was. I had left him behind and we were 1200 miles from home. I was in a panic I had forgotten what exit to take to get him. It only took about a half hour for me to finally get him. He and my son are still best friends all these years later and they love to remind me about what I did.

    • Oh my gosh, Nancy! What a story! Thank you for sharing it. I can only imagine how you must have felt trying to recover your son’s friend! This might be a funny holiday gift for your son or his friend. Good luck!

  2. I have never left my kids alone, but I did get lost as a kid in the mall. Fortunately, my parents found me.

    • lol My parents got lost in a department store when I was about three. I looked for them for awhile, including going downstairs and out the front door. When I didn’t find them there, I went back upstairs, sat next to some mannequins and drank my bottle while planning my future alone. (Yes, I still had a bottle at 3 years old!)

  3. I left my dog home alone.. that is about it. Hopefully I will never leave our children home alone!

    • lol. We left our puppy leashed to a pole outside of a local market one day. We had only had him for a short time and didn’t even notice he was missing until a cashier called and asked if we had a dog. We felt AWFUL! And he’s the sweetest little pup in the Universe! At least you left your dog at HOME!

  4. I think leaving kids behind runs in my family, when I was 4 or 5, I wasn’t in school yet , I went with my mom to visit her friend and just before we were to leave I ran downstairs and out to the parking lot so I could check out the phonebooth thst had always piqued my curiosity. After going inside and shutting the door I saw my kother walking to our car, I s a w her get in and drive away without me. I wasn’t strong enough to open the door. I remember crying and wondering when my mother would come back for me. She eventually did come back for me but I could never go into a phonebooth again.

    • Hysterical! Thankfully, I’m guessing the phone booth issue mostly resolved since I don’t even know where there ARE any anymore. Thank you for telling your story and good luck in the drawing.

  5. I don’t have anymore home alone stories but I do have kids and pets so I have many funny storues about them. When my youngest daughter was around 5 we learned she was a sleep walker. One night around 2:30 a.m. mothers instinct woke me up. Something wss wrong, I went to check on the kids. My youngest wssn’t in her bed and our dog, her best friend, was nowhere in sight. I called for them and searched the house. They weren’t in the house. I opened the front door and halfway down the street was my daughter, carrying her pillow, with the dog right beside her, walking down the street. I ran to them and I asked her where she was gong. To grammie and poppas house. I put her to bed and she has no recollections of doing it but we changed the locks on all the doors.

  6. I left my dog home alone today and he had a ball. He atenmy remote control, of course today is Sunday and the xable office is closed. I haven’t made it anyt further than the livingroom I am to afraid to see what ekse he has gotten into.

  7. I recently left my 19 year old at home for the week while I was on vacation. I now realize she is not ready for the real world. We live in northern New Hampshire and it has been getting very cold especially at night. My daughter had to call me to ask why there was no heat in the house I told her you have to turn it on. I had to explain that the round thing on the wall turns the heat on. At least when I came home the dog and cats were still alve.

    • Wow! So funny. Our kids are growing up in such an automatic, automated world! Skills we take for granted, like turning on the heater, will soon be completely obsolete anyway! lol

  8. I love my home alone moments. Actually I wish thst I had more of them.

    • I love funny family stories! I’m thinking we will have a Home Alone movie marathon on Thanksgiving Day (if I can wrestle the remote away from the football fans headed to my house!

  9. Thank you all for sharing your Home Alone stories and congratulations to our winner: Stephanie!

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