Today was a slowly-paced day full of sleeping, walking, and online shopping. (Turning your computer, phone, or head may be required to view the following images.)

In complete honesty, my favorite thing about Snapchat is seeing the temperature or my own speed. So I pretty much took a picture of nothing and watched my speed increase and decrease as my posse and I walked to yogurt land. You are probably imagining a group of obnoxious teenagers strutting down the middle of the road and although that is much more extravagant and creative than reality I should probably put your mind at ease. My posse included my mom, dad, Toby (my pup), Rico (my neighbor’s pup), and myself. We went over to the center of Encino where we stopped at Wells Fargo and Yogurt Land. I cashed my Easter check. (Shoutout to the best Grandpa around, my Papa.) Then, we stopped for some fro yo. Since I just received $50, I decided to do some serious online shopping. Once my items arrive, I may be able to snap a picture and include them in my next SSOTD. Goodbye for now. 


Posted on March 22, 2015, in Food, Lizzy's Teen Beat, Tween Beat and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Sounds like a fun time!

  2. It was fun! Rico & Toby are lucky puppies for sure. 🙂

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