Oh my goodness! Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that it is currently raining. I am so thankful for the precipitation. Not only does this help the drought a little, but it just puts a smile on my face to hear the trickling sound on my roof. (Turning your computer, phone, or head may be required to view the following images.)


I started the day off by hanging out with my favorite pup in the whole world. We just chilled on my bed, cuddling and listening to the thunder. I don’t think my dog appreciated the thunder as much as I did. Then I walked with my dog and my dad to Panera. When we got there, I rushed inside and grabbed my French Onion Bistro Soup. When we got home I gobbled up my food and decided to get creative. I made a fort out of two sheets and ribbon. I have to say, my fort was pretty impressive. Have a great night everyone!

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