SSOTW means Snapchat Story Of The Weekend. Since I was MIA, due to the lack of service, I decided to summarize my weekend using a snapchat story. Over the weekend my dad and I went on a mini road trip to my Grandma’s cabin in Pinecrest.









It’s safe to say we had a blast! At seven in the morning on Saturday we stuffed all of our stuff and our dog into the car and began our trip. We had some heavy duty fog which was way more fun for the passenger than the driver. However, we got through it and took a different route which was a SUPER shortcut through the middle of nowhere. It was extremely beautiful as you can see in my photo captioned “no filter.” This road was 100 miles of that picture, clear skies, green grass, and cows. When we got there I snapped a picture of a few photos I came across of both my Grandpas. At about midnight I decided I wanted to rent a movie, so once again we piled in the car (with my dog in my arms) and headed over to Twain Harte where a little movie rental box sits outside the market. (Which is when I took the night picture asking where I was.) We rented 22 Jump Street and Single Moms Club. The next day we decided to check out the nearest mall which happened to be 100 miles away. The drive was once again breathtaking. I got a great picture of the creepy trees above our car. Then we came back to the cabin, cleaned it all up, stuffed everything into the car AGAIN, and by seven in the evening we were on our way home. We experienced more heavy duty fog which made the scenery look like it was the edge of the world. It was extremely difficult to capture the moment in a picture due to the lighting. Anyway we got home at one in the morning just in time for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.


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