Tomorrow my mom is leaving town to go to a silent retreat for ten days, leaving my dad and I to watch zombie movies. A silent retreat is a place you go to (there are multiple) and you can’t speak the entire time you are there. The one she is going to is scheduled to the minute. Of course I will miss her since there is no way to communicate while she is away. Anyway, here is my Snapchat story of the day. (Turning your computer, phone, or head may be required to view the following images.)



Today, I got picked up an hour early from school. (Shh, don’t tell LAUSD.) I went home and had a party with my dog. Yes I said my dog. We just chilled in the backyard with music, swings, chew toys, and sunshine. In a moment of down time, I snapped a pic of my adorable dog laying down, drew a heart around him, put a caption, and uploaded it to Snapchat. When I realized my hair was looking good, but my face wasn’t I took a picture blocking my face with sunlight. Goodnight 🙂


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  1. I’m going to miss you, too! (And Daddy, of course). I’ve never done anything like this before in my life. I’m excited and a little nervous. It’s going to be so weird being away from you guys! Know that I love you and you can never block the sun to hide your face because your light shines from within. ❤

    Enjoy your Zombie movies, be nice to Dad and have a great time while I'm away. Save a little fun for me, too and take good care of T & M. 😉


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