Style Fashion Week

On Thursday, October 16th, I attended Style Fashion Week. This was my very first Fashion Show, and it was absolutely amazing. The atmosphere was so professional and inspiring. Once I stepped inside the massive tent, I could immediately feel my posture improve. Thursday night, the shows were benefiting City Of Hope. The shows were Signature Young, Control Sector, I AM ZOE, Kaye Morales, Atiz, Judith & James, and Donna Mizani. I have to say my favorites were Control Sector, I AM ZOE, and Kaye Morales. With an iPhone at 17% and high heels from H&M, I was able to capture the flow and beauty of the articles of clothing.

America's Next Top Model Contestants Will & Adam pose for a snap with Lizzy K.

I have never sweated so much standing still. Since I am 13 years old, aside from taking photos and slo-mo video of the featured clothes, I was also scanning the room for celebrities. The first couple of moments into the Control Sector show, I recognized one of the models distinct hair styles, (half black, half white.) Then I recognized the model, it was Shei from ANTM!! I could barely control myself. I was literally watching my favorite model from my favorite show in a fashion show live and in person. I couldn’t believe it when TWO MORE models from my favorite show walked onto the runway. I was speechless and breathless. I felt extremely grateful that I was successful dragging my mom to a fashion show on a Thursday night.

The rest of the night, I was on cloud nine. I had witnessed three of my favorite people doing what they do best and I met Arden Rose! If you don’t already know, Arden Rose is a beauty guru and YouTube vlogger. I have probably seen every single one of her videos.

Anyways, besides being starstruck four times in one night, I found each designer irresistible. Each collection was extremely unique and powerful. I loved Kaye Morales because the message that I received was intense. I loved the usage of color, (bright red, black, and white.) Control Sector was another one of my favorites. It was very hip, stylish, and comfortable. I could see myself wearing their clothes, if I was in their targeted age group. I’m so glad that I was able to go to this exquisite and amazing fashion show. I have to say, modeling and designing clothes are starting to appeal to me a little bit more. I can’t wait ’til my next fashion show.


Lizzy K
P.S. That’s me in the picture with Will and Adam from America’s Next Top Model! I know, right!!??


That’s Shei from America’s Next Top Model!

Check out the video and more pics here: video & #stylefwla photos by me and my mom


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