DAY 60 Weight Loss Journal

It’s the very last day of my Weight Loss Journal! Wow! Thank you so much for taking this journey with me! With a total weight loss on the 11/12 pound cusp, I”m thrilled with my progress. It has been a super busy time with lots of events and distractions pulling on my focus and resolve, but the Z.E.N. Foods program really seems to have retrained some of my less desirable habits right out of me! Little things that had crept into my routine without my noticing.

I’m quick to credit you for playing a significant roll in this, too! I’m not sure if it would have been this easy for ME to hang on to my results, if I didn’t feel a commitment to you. Maybe it’s human nature, maybe it’s just me, I don’t know. I just know, this worked out really well for me and I am eager to call on Z.E.N. (and you) if I ever need a tune up!

Thanks a mint,


Keatings at the Whole Foods Wine Bar.



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Hello Dear Reader, It is so lovely to connect with you here. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you'll find something that pleases your eye, gives you a smile or ignites an idea that fuels a dream. I'm a California born and bread Mom living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I enjoy sharing the California Lifestyle with you, plus a thing or two I've learned here and there, along my way to this moment. Your kind words are always welcome in this space. (It's very quiet here when you don't write.) With a song and a smile, I encourage you to be your highest and best, delightful, & darling self. And I will try my darnedest to do the same. ;) xo, Lisa

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  1. I know this entry was a while ago…hope that you’re still on target with your weight loss, or at least haven’t put it back on! (like I always do)
    Congratulations on your accomplishment!!!

    • Hi Playfulpas75,

      Thanks! I kept it off easily for months (almost a year), but it’s time for another round. For me, it would be most effective if I ordered a week of Zen Foods every Season as a refresher. With all the press events I attend and my natural stress levels I have to have a long term strategy! Thank you for the support! Let me know if you want a weight loss buddy!


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