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The Taste LA

Attention Foodies! It’s on. Get to The Taste this weekend for some of the best eats in LA. Taste sweet and savory bites, sip brews, bubbly, spirits and pick up top tips from celebrity chefs. Stand outs from this afternoon are the Mona Slider from Pono, Vranken Pommery’s Sparkling Raspberry wine and savory fresh fruit from Freshology. Come hungry and prepared to party.

Chef C.J. Jacobson of Girasol in Studio City at The Taste. Photo by Lisa Keating for

Chef C.J. Jacobson, Girasol in Studio City, demonstrates the his penchant for foraged ingredients like Juniper and Blue Hyssop.

Photo of Pono's Mona Slider at 2014 The Taste, by Lisa Keating.

Oh, mercy! This little slider from Pono packed the flavor promised in this picture. Grass-fed beef, cheddar cheese and a Strawberry compote subbing (to great advantage) for ketchup, made this Mona Burger memorable!

Photo by Lisa Keating for the California Lifestyle magazine.

Green Tea Red Bean Korean Brioche from the Ensaymada Project were offered up alongside their super popular Red Velvet Brioche and Maple Bacon, too.

Chef Tal Ronnen of Crossroads Restaurant at the Taste. Photo by Lisa Keating.

Notable vegan Chef Tal Ronnen shares his recipe for Crab Cakes as served at Crossroads. Ronnen taps Garbonzo Beans and Hearts of Palm to step in for the traditional crabmeat.

Photo by Lisa Keating.

Something new from New Zealand.

Photo by Lisa Keating for the California Lifestyle magazine, EncinoMom.

The Paramount Lot serves as a perfect setting for LA foodies to get their Taste on.

Polyvore Love

Polyvore Love


Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return

Legends of Oz Review and Giveaway

Legends of Oz Dorothy's Return Box Art. #OzInsiders

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Legends Of Oz: Dorothy’s Return is a beautiful and colorful trip back to Oz. This musical is filled to the rim with fun and imagination. There is a new antagonist in Oz that Dorothy and her, some new and some familiar, friends have to defeat in order to save Oz. This is a lovely story of friendship and teamwork. Rated PG, it’s the perfect movie for a family with kids over the age of 6. Dorothy is played by the beautiful and talented voice of Glee’s Leah Michele. The new adventure also features the voice talents of Dan Aykroyd, Kelsey Grammer, Jim Bellushi, Oliver Platt, Bernadette Peters, Patrick Stewart and Martin Short.

This story takes place after Dorothy’s original trip to Oz. The tornado has left a lot of damage in it’s place. The antagonist in Kansas and the antagonist in Oz are parallel. The “villain” in Kansas tries to condemn all the homes there leaving Dorothy to take matters into her own hands. However, she is whisked away by a rainbow and dropped into Oz. In Oz she goes on a fantastical journey where in order to save her old friends, she is joined by some new faces that help along the way. You can join in the fun with these Activity Sheets from the movie and even enter to win a copy of the Blu-ray, DVD out on August 26th.

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Help Dorothy find her way home with this downloadable maze from Legends of Oz. #OzInsiders

Click the Activity Sheet to go to the entry form for the DVD giveaway.

Connect the dots to draw Toto in this activity sheet from Legends of Oz. #OzInsiders

Click the Activity Sheet to go to the entry form for the DVD giveaway.

#OzInsiders invites you to find the words in this Word Search Activity Sheet from Legends of Oz.

Click the Activity Sheet to go to the entry form for the DVD giveaway.

Summer Must Haves

I love Summer so much, I decided to show you guys some must haves that I adore.

  1. sunscreen: I have spray on SPF 50 from Banana Boat and a cute, little glue-stick looking facial sunscreen also from Banana Boat. If I’m going out I throw it on under my light makeup and it works throughout the day. Its my new bestie. I purchased mine from Big Lots for $3.
  2. baby lips: It is extremely important to stay moisturized during this dry and hot season. Baby Lips and EOS are my FAVORITE lip moisturizers!! However, Baby Lips comes out on top because of its quantity and quality. You can purchase Baby Lips from your nearest drugstore.
  3. BB cream : Oh my goodness! Maybelline’s bb cream is the holy grail of makeup! It is perfect for the summer time. It is extremely light with the same amount of coverage as a heavy liquid foundation. It is my go-to summer makeup.

DAY 60 Weight Loss Journal

It’s the very last day of my Weight Loss Journal! Wow! Thank you so much for taking this journey with me! With a total weight loss on the 11/12 pound cusp, I”m thrilled with my progress. It has been a super busy time with lots of events and distractions pulling on my focus and resolve, but the Z.E.N. Foods program really seems to have retrained some of my less desirable habits right out of me! Little things that had crept into my routine without my noticing.

I’m quick to credit you for playing a significant roll in this, too! I’m not sure if it would have been this easy for ME to hang on to my results, if I didn’t feel a commitment to you. Maybe it’s human nature, maybe it’s just me, I don’t know. I just know, this worked out really well for me and I am eager to call on Z.E.N. (and you) if I ever need a tune up!

Thanks a mint,


Keatings at the Whole Foods Wine Bar.