Daily Archives: July 17, 2014

DAY 52 Weight Loss Journal

Today, I’m sharing another tool that I’m using to create variety, excitement and flavor in my made-at-home, make-ahead meals. At EncinoMom.com, we received a gift box full of glazes, rubs and spices from Urban Accents for an episode of EncinoMom Unboxed. While we opened it on camera, we didn’t have a chance to sample the spices – until now.

Well, now that we’ve had the opportunity to try everything, I’m overjoyed to report this assortment of spices has been a life saver! With family coming into town, 4th of July BBQ’s and entertaining at home, maintaining my Z.E.N Foods weight loss was very much on my mind! I used these spices and rubs and seasonings to add variety to my usual food prep ideas. This has expanded my horizons, kept my taste buds exhilarated (without much effort on my part) and essentially, made me look like an amazing hostess, guest and home chef!

See more on our website: https://EncinoMom.com/unboxed-3 & rock your Summer!


Photo of Urban Accents Grilling Spices.

Curious? You can see all of the flavors in our EncinoMom Unboxed video. Click the photo for the link.