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DAY 59 Weight Loss Journal

It’s Thursday and tomorrow is the last day of my Z.E.N. Food Weight Loss Diary! I’m going to miss you. Seriously! Today is filled with EncinoMom jobs; a store opening at the Westfield Sherman Oaks Mall and then a visit to the ecoATM in Northridge. We have to try out the ecoATM so we can publish a review on Monday. I’m pretty excited about it, since it’s a green alternative for disposing of your old phones, tablets and mp3 players. It also pays you cash on the spot for your old device, so it seems like it may be a great incentive for some of us to get rid of the eclutter clogging up our “junk drawers”.

The store opening is H&M, one of Lizzie K’s current favorites. They’re running specials and have give aways for the first 100 people in line. In line? What? I’m not big on waiting in line. Anyway, we’ll check it out. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but they are opening up all over town! In terms of food strategies for today, it looks like I’m headed for a Food Court no matter how I slice it! Wish me luck. See you tomorrow!




Lizzie K picks out fall fashion for back to school at H&M in Sherman Oaks.

Lizzie K at H&M opening day with Fall Fashion Picks for back to school.

DAY 58 Weight Loss Journal

Wonder why I’m wearing the same top for the third day in a row? It’s the only thing we have with the scent of our new puppy’s little mate, so I’m wearing it to help ease his transition into our home. So far, he’s been amazing. sleeping in his crate overnight, no crying or barking, using the great outdoors for doing his business and forging relationships with our one year old kitties.

I think we are all going to be all right! Oh the Tajin! It takes me right back to that magical day when dolphins played with us off the shore of Huatulco, Mexico. I wore a hot pink bikini and a white tee shirt as we snorkeled and swam in the warm ocean waters. Once back aboard the boat, before I even realized I was hungry, someone offered us thinly sliced cucumbers squirted with fresh lime and sprinkled with Tajin. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day! So happy to see you again, my dear Tajin!


DAY 57 Weight Loss Journal

So we adopted the tiniest little puppy (he’ll be 8 weeks old in a couple of days) from the Best Friends shelter in Mission Hills, California. They have a No Kill policy and are striving to make all of Los Angeles No Kill as well. When they rescue an animal, they commit to the animal for life. We had a fantastic experience there! Special thanks to Heather who introduced us to the puppies!

We were hoping to adopt one of about 10 breeds that get along well with cats. I was thinking an animal about a year old would be a good addition to the family, but my daughter really wanted a puppy. Fortunately, my husband was flexible! We all fell in love with a tiny King Charles Cavalier Spaniel (great with cats) / Jack Russell Terrier (not so much) mix. I’m currently more focused on what the dog eats than my own food. That may be a good thing!



lol Maybe I’m not as far off as I thought! Check out this article from Cesar Milan (The Dog Whisperer):

DAY 56 Weight Loss Journal

So we’ve decided to add a dog to the family. I’ve heard it said that people with pets enjoy better health. My thinking is that a couple of walks a day never hurt anyone. At least some of the dog walking will fall to me and consistent walks are something that I enjoy.

Here we go. We have agreed in advance not to adopt a dog just to adopt a dog. It has to be the right pet for the whole family. We have our cats to consider, too. We’ve done a little breed research and have identified the top ten breeds that are most likely to cohabitate peacefully with felines.

Wish me luck! Here we go!




DAY 55 Weight Loss Journal

It’s Sunday, and we are headed to the Farmer’s Market. This is the perfect time to start a Rum Pot. I’ve been talking about it for years, but never shared the process on EncinoMom until now. Last year, I never got around to making it, and it was missed during the holidays.

Add this to your family traditions for a special treat on Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s Eve. The flavors of Summer sunlight illuminate Winter nights through the fruit. Choose stone fruits for best results. Omit pineapple, citrus and melons. I’ve been warned off of Blueberries and berries with hulls, so I haven’t tried those myself.

Cherries, apricots, peaches, plums & nectarines have all worked perfectly for me in the past. Stay away from apples and bananas, too. Pears work well, but I don’t have first hand experience to report.

Have fun! Let me know how your Rum Pot turns out.


Photo of cherries on cutting board.

Pitting Cherries in preparation for my Rum Pot.



DAY 54 Weight Loss Journal

Today, I’m talking about choosing fresh produce in anticipation of tomorrow’s trip to the Farmer’s Market. I don’t know about you, but I find it very frustrating to cut into a beautiful melon or pineapple and discovering a serious lack of flavor.

Here’s hoping for better results, tomorrow!


Summer fruits from the Farmer's Market are perfect for making a Rum Pot.

Summer fruits from the Farmer’s Market are perfect for making a Rum Pot.  



DAY 53 Weight Loss Journal

Here’s how I’m portioning foods to pattern my breakfasts after the Z.E.N. Foods program. And here’s a link to my Grilled Cantaloupe Recipe, just in case, you’re looking for something a little different to do with this melon:


Photo of Cantaloupe served with Steamed Clams on

Grilled Cantaloupe served here with steamed clams. Click for recipe.



DAY 52 Weight Loss Journal

Today, I’m sharing another tool that I’m using to create variety, excitement and flavor in my made-at-home, make-ahead meals. At, we received a gift box full of glazes, rubs and spices from Urban Accents for an episode of EncinoMom Unboxed. While we opened it on camera, we didn’t have a chance to sample the spices – until now.

Well, now that we’ve had the opportunity to try everything, I’m overjoyed to report this assortment of spices has been a life saver! With family coming into town, 4th of July BBQ’s and entertaining at home, maintaining my Z.E.N Foods weight loss was very much on my mind! I used these spices and rubs and seasonings to add variety to my usual food prep ideas. This has expanded my horizons, kept my taste buds exhilarated (without much effort on my part) and essentially, made me look like an amazing hostess, guest and home chef!

See more on our website: & rock your Summer!


Photo of Urban Accents Grilling Spices.

Curious? You can see all of the flavors in our EncinoMom Unboxed video. Click the photo for the link.



Rio 2 Coloring Fun & Giveaway

Get creative and color Charlie, Gabi, and the Jungle Party from Rio2! Each coloring sheet features a character or scene from Rio 2, a colorful and musical movie coming to DVD and Blu-ray today. We’ve got a copy to give away, too, so be sure to enter for your chance to win! Scroll down for entry form below and more fun printable activity sheets! Click here to see exclusive behind the scenes photos and read a little more about this fun animated feature!


Scroll down to see downloadable activity shhets to finish the lyrics to your favorite songs from the movie, find the differences in the pictures, or print out bookmarks featuring characters from Rio 2.


Rio 2 is a fantastic movie featuring many great voices. Bruno Mars does a great job as ladies’ man Roberto.


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