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Daphne’s Giveaway on EncinoMom

Daphne’s California Greek Giveaway from EncinoMom.com

Daphne's California Greek combo plate with Lemon Chicken Soup and Baklava.

We love Daphne’s! We love you! As a thank you to our subscribers we are giving away a $50 gift card to Daphne’s California Greek so you can try their new summer menu!

You’ll find lots of California fresh flavors with Mediterranean flair at Daphne’s this Summer. EncinoMom’s production crew, bandmates, administrative staff and business associates have all been treated to good eats from Daphne’s. Fast, fresh and perfect for those days when there’s no time to cook or you want to keep the heat out of the kitchen, Daphne’s offers great grab and go items, meals and catering, too.

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DAY 33 Weight Loss Journal

It’s the first day of Summer and nearing the end of my Z.E.N. Foods experience. We painted into the night last night on the room makeover and we’ll be finishing up details and photography over the rest of the weekend. I’m planning on taking Tuesday OFF. I’m sure I’ll need the break in the action and it will be my 2nd week of 5/2 which I think is the plan for me, if weight loss is the goal! I’m definitely seeing the results of limiting wine consumption to one glass per week as an average. Now that Summer is here, I think I’ll switch to white wine spritzers as a festive way to turn one glass of wine into two! I’ll decrease the amount of wine and add soda water and a lemon twist, maybe even an ice cube or two to keep empty calories to a minimum while still enjoying an adult beverage with friends and family.

Do you have any strategies for reducing calories in alcoholic beverages or great tasting replacements that satisfy without sabotaging weight loss goals? Please share!

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DAY 32 Weight Loss Journal

Happy Friday! I’m going into this weekend 8 pounds down. Yeah! I’m in the midst of the Tween Bedroom makeover and there is the accumulated stuff from 10 years of childhood in piles and boxes and bags on our deck which is the staging area for the project. I’ve got another rehearsal on Saturday, a live performance on Sunday and a much anticipated on camera interview on Monday. Having my food figured out for me and delivered to me by Z.E.N. is making it possible for me to breeze through the chaos. Did I mention, we’re training a new intern, too?

How’s it going with you? Are you ready for swimsuit shopping, yet? I’m getting pretty close!


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