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DAY 11 Weight Loss Journal

Learning how to achieve my heath goals while enjoying life is the theme for the coming week. When I was in working in Japan, it was very easy to take excellent care of myself. I lived in a fancy hotel with twice weekly maid service (everyday is just too much for me), my meals were all prepared at one of the restaurants or the room service kitchen. Since I was eating alone 90% of the time, I really focused on what I was choosing. I also had access to the world class gym and Japanese Spa. I worked out everyday (yoga, treadmill, free weights) and took a long soak in the tranquil spa as part of my daily routine. On my days off (one per week) I used the pool to swim laps. Even my social interactions were scheduled due to the time difference between here and there. My husband was working here, in Los Angeles, so we arranged to talk every morning and evening, with my mornings being his evenings and vice versa. It was easy to be disciplined in a vacuum.

Back in the real world though, raising a child and free lancing my way through life, that kind of discipline seems regimented, somewhat silly and completely unsustainable. This experience with Z.E.N. Foods is helping me find the happy medium for myself. Providing the support for me to live the healthy lifestyle that I love, without having to do it all on my own!

Thanks for stopping by, your support means the world to me. Next week, I’ll be eating out at LYFE Kitchen and taking a whole day off from this program to do a new menu tasting at a press event. So check back to see how that goes! LYFE won’t be a problem, their food is amazing, locally sourced and their menus include all kinds of nutritional information. So even though, there will be social pressure in the form of good friends gathered round the table for a rollicking good time, it will be easy to make good choices. Tuesday. Well Tuesday is another story. Have a great weekend. I’ll be here. Stop by and say Hi!

Feeling lucky,

Webcam video from May 30, 2014 8:19 AM