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DAY 9 Weight Loss Journal

Down stream at Paradise Falls.

Fantastic hike to Paradise Falls in Thousand Oaks, California after breakfast this morning. By most accounts on the internet, the hike is an easy one and not that long. I found it to be more up and down than I expected, but it was really lovely and the time with my dear old friend passed all to quickly. It was such a joy to see the thirteen year old girl I once knew so well inside of the grown up woman before me. We laughed a lot, wandered off of the path, there were several hikes to choose from, and got in over an hour of brisk hiking.

Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses highly recommended for this hike. Water bottle and close toed shoes suggested. I wore my favorite flip flops as usual, but the hike is a dusty one, so my feet were filthy afterwards.It’s a recipe for wrecking a nice pair of sandals. Worked up quite an appetite for lunch!

Where do you like to hike?

2014-05-28 10.51.01

Webcam video from May 28, 2014 8:49 AM