The Locks Of Love

Close up of Love Locks in Paris, France. Copyright: <a href=''>netfalls / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

If you asked me what I thought the most romantic place in the world was, I would say France. I have an obsession with my idea of what France would be like. I think music consumes Paris, with melodies pouring off of all the streets. I imagine everywhere you walk, it would smell like bread baking in an oven. The people would sip and not slurp and sit politely in cafés and parks. There wouldn’t be one sad face. Everyone would help each other. The people on the streets would be begging for hope tokens instead of money. That is my idea of what France would be like. To top it all off, lovers would be everywhere. Every time a couple kissed in public, strangers would smile. Couples would be lined up along the Lover’s Bridge, (fences full of padlocks declaring couples’ fidelity towards one another) , locking their love onto a metal wall of faithfulness.

Most people, when writing bout the Lover’s Bridge, would tell the reader cold facts, but you can find those facts anywhere. If you are looking for facts like there are over 700,000 locks on the bridges of Paris, then please stop reading. I am not here to talk to you about stone cold facts, I am here to share the romantic qualities of the locks of love.

Something that I love about the locks on this bridge is the rawness of the locks. They aren’t carefully planned and thought out hallmark locks, they are locks with sharpie written on them, names and dates scratched into the surface of the locks with keys. I would imagine that if you just walked across the bridge you would feel the love that so many people felt passionately enough to lock onto a fence along with other people who probably felt the same passion too. When lovers add their love lock to the bridge, it waits there for their return. My hope is to someday lock my own love to the bridge and toss the keys into the Seine river like so many lovers who came before me and my future love.


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