A Trip To Crystal Cove

Cottages at Crystal Cove, in New

Crystal Cove in itself is an amazing escape from reality. Bringing you into Crystal Cove is a shuttle playing tropical music and setting the tone for a peaceful getaway. If you are more of an athletic type of person then I suggest walking along the trail to the beach. The trail is about a 10 minute stroll that takes you from the parking lot to paradise. Along the way you are in the middle of nature and sweet smelling flowers as well as an Earth Day art tunnel. This tunnel is decorated with beautiful and unique paintings about eco-friendly choices. Of course it’s always fun to make the tunnel echo with music of your voice as well.

Macro photo of beignets at The Beachcomber Restaurant. Photo by Lisette Keating.

So cool! My picture won, Newport Beach Restaurant Week’s photo of the week!!!


Being a Sims Addict I can confirm that this vacation feels like something plucked from the Island Paradise expansion pack. Not only does it consist of a beautiful vista and comfy rentable cottages, but it has an exquisite restaurant all on the beach! The Beachcomber located on the premises delivers a fun and delicious mood. The service is quite nice and the servers go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. The food however, is… OFF THE CHARTS AMAZZZING!! The food is light but filling and a nice walk on the beach after is truly the icing on the cake. Having tried a Mussel for the first time I have to say that I am glad I came to the Beachcomber who set the bar pretty high. The Tuna Burger is another hit. Im a big time meat lover, but whoever substituted Ahi Tuna for hamburger meat is a GENIUS! The Beignets are small in size, but deliver major satisfaction. There is really no negative feedback to give. I mean I try, trust me, I would love to be Simon Cowell, but it’s pretty impossible. On the next sunny day, come on down to Crystal Cove. I’ll see ya on the sand.


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