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In the mid eighties, when renting tapes from video stores was the way to watch what you wanted on TV, I developed a penchant for exercise videos. I rented this video so many times, that when my room mate went to the video store to pick up a movie, they said, “why don’t you buy this video for Lisa? She rents it every week. You can have it for $1”

It’s basically the Bikram Yoga workout without the mention of heat, although it looks pretty warm wherever they filmed this. I heard a rumor that there was litigation around whether or not Raquel had the right to make this video using the routine taught to her by her Yogi. I don’t know the veracity or outcome of the rumor or ruling. I do know, I am eternally grateful for this tape, even though I no longer have a VCR!

Thanks to YouTube, I can still get my Yoga on after all these years. Don’t be fooled by the title, there aren’t any beauty tips in here. It is pure inner beauty building with butt kicking yoga that will serve your body well. Enjoy!

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