How To Untangle Hopelessly Tangled Hair

Untangle Tangled Hair.

Profile of girl with braided hair.

When good braids . . .

Tangled hair - how to untangle.

go BAD
















After a recent day at the pool, my daughter decided to braid her hair.  When she later decided to shower, she removed the elastics from the ends of her braids, but didn’t completely unbraid her hair.  When she tried to comb out this braid, it only made matters worse. Her hair was hopelessly snarled, tangled, knotted and nasty, so she came to me.

When I was a kid, this would have gotten me an unplanned hair cut, but today, we have the internet! Secure in the knowledge that I wasn’t the first Mom to encounter the horrors of hinky hair, I accessed these tips that saved the day:

Photo of sewing needle used to untangle knotted hair.

The Needle.

1. Breathe – This is probably the single most important and counter intuitive of the steps. If you can’t get calm, you most likely will end up with scissors and tears or at least an emergency visit to Super Cuts.

2. Assemble these tools and resign yourself to the fact that this is what you are doing for the next – however long it takes – 20 minutes, an hour, two hours – it depends on the particular snarl you are facing. There is no rushing. No shortcut. Just decide to stay calm and carry on. You’ll need oil, lotion, detangler or conditioner, something long and skinny – I used a large sewing needle, your patience, a mirror (if you’re working alone) and most likely, your glasses or a magnifying device of some kind and good lighting will help, too.








Success! Tangled hair is now tangle free.

No more knot!

3. Lubricate – Get oil, detangler or in our case hair conditioner into the knot – the more the better.  The knotted, matted part at the top of this braid was bad, but the lower braid had become so tight that it was impossible to release. We saturated the entire mess with enough conditioner for 5 shampoos – maybe 1/2 cup!

4. Working with good lighting, patience and a big sewing needle, carefully work the needle into the knot and release the tangle, one tiny strand of hair at a time.

5. Wash out the extra moisture, dry and style. Don’t forget to thank your lucky stars for the internet and your Mom (friend, daughter, SO, spouse) for not marching you into the nearest salon for a Pixie – unless of course, that was your plan all along!

Beautiful hair restored.

Success! Now, how to get the GREEN out?













Remind me to ask my hairdresser, next time I’m in the chair.


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  1. wash your hair in ketchup to get the green out

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