Giveaway – Fresh Produce Wardrobe Infusion For Fall

Giveaway from From Produce Clothing and EncinoMom Magazine

Twin Peaks Top on Model

Twin Peaks Top on Model

Fresh Produce Clothing Caroline Capri in Citron.

Caroline Capris on Model

Fresh Produce Collared Jacket - shown in Desert.

Collared Jacket in Desert color













And the winner is:

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We’ve teamed up with Fresh Produce Clothing to give your wardrobe an infusion of Fall Fashion. Enter to win this entire outfit! The three great pieces shown are super comfy and so flattering! I have a few favorite features I feel compelled to point out: The Twin Peaks Top has peek-a-boo cut outs in the back that add a little attitude to this lightweight, swingy tee. The fit is easy to wear and there are two pockets in the front near the hem!

If you’ve ever read anything by me about fashion, you already know how much I love pockets. Another style I am quick to recommend is the side zip pant. Not always easy to find, side zip pants are particularly slimming and easy to wear. They almost never have pockets (sometimes they have one) because pockets are antithetical to super slimming slacks. These Carolina Capris in Citron are my new favorites. They’re 97% cotton with 3% Spandex for shape retention and stretch. They do NOT have pockets, but both the top and the jacket do, so you are covered there! (The capris do have pocket detailing in the rear, but they are strictly decorative.)

The jacket you see here is a different color than the one you’ll be winning! The actual color is Twilight and it looks fabulous with the Citron capris and the Talavera print top. It is sort of a steely gray and not nearly as blue as my selfies suggest.  The photo of swatches should give you a pretty accurate view of the colors – depending on your monitor or mobile device, of course.

The jacket is 100% cotton, with Princess seams front and back to compliment your figure with buttoned cuffs and front welt pockets this jacket will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe. Paired with jeans and a white tee for weekend walks to your favorite cafe or added to a skirt and sweater shell for an easy office day, you’ll find lots of ways to wear this casual jacket with serious style! For your reference, I am wearing all three pieces in size medium.  All three pieces come in sizes XS through XL and the Capris are also available in XXL. The photos above link to the corresponding Fresh Produce pages and are not affiliate links.

Here are some personal pics and detail shots:

You may enter with a daily comment to improve your chances of winning! Good luck!



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  1. My most essential wardrobe item is a cute top (I like pretty designs or glitter or foil).

  2. Must Have Boxes

    Fabulous giveaway! These clothes are great.

    – KW

  3. I love jackets! They’re my favorite fall wardrobe piece and SUPER flattering!

  4. I have a cute Fresh Produce Top I picked up a while ago and I love how soft and comfortable it is! That jacket looks fabulous!

    • Hi Lynn, Thanks for stopping by. I have fallen in love with Fresh Produce. I’ve been wearing these capris practically everyday! Still to warm to add the jacket, but I can’t wait!

  5. My daily style is pretty casual but once fall hits I am adding the layers and can’t wait to wear booties! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  6. Pick me! Pick me!

  7. Those pants look awesome and would work great to keep my mama belly tucked in. They look like they have a good firm waistband.

  8. Love the blues in the top. Beautiful colours!

  9. Cute top with pockets? Practical and fashionable! I like it. 🙂

  10. I really like the peekaboo back on the twin peaks top~ very cute!

  11. I have never worn Fresh produce. I love orange colors. I think a wardrobe mst have for my wife is some dark jeans (and for me

    • Hi Joseph, Good call! Dark jeans are definitely a wardrobe staple for me, too. Fresh Produce is known for their great colors. I’m loving bright coral, lately.

      • I agree with dark jeans being a staple of mine too. Day to Day I wear lots of capris and brightly colored tops. My closet is organized by color so I can choose my outfit depending on how I am feeling that day.

      • My closet is organized by color, too. It makes it so much easier to get dressed!

  12. I agree Fresh Produce has great colors too. I am loving the vibrant purples.

  13. I love that these pants are a side zip too~ very slimming! I am so ready for fall, now if the weather would only cooperate!

  14. Adorable outfit…..I feel like a winner!

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